Angela Vetri Does the L-Block Justice with Amazing Tetris Blanket

"Yeah, I'm pretty darn nerdy," admits Angela Vetri.


Would You Give Up Your Sense Of Smell For Modern Technology?

A new study on young people by the McCann Worldgroup reveals something not surprising at all to anyone who knows anything about young people: The majority of them would rather give up use of a fundamental human sense than have to give up the amazing technology available to all of us fortunate enough to be living in this era.


Awesome Costume Monday, Part Two

Spaghetti cat is my power animal [via].


How Tetris is Made and Links

Danger Guerrero's  Summer Guide: Comedy Death Ray Radio Podcast [Uproxx] An Open Letter to Adrien Brody ­ What Happened to You, Man.

#video games

Water Tetris is America’s Newest Sport

While the Tetris was only meant to demonstrate the abilities of a water screen, the Tetris is what everybody's focusing on, because as a species, we're so obsessed with Tetris we've built robots out of Legos to play it for us.

#video games

Lego Robots Can Play Tetris For Us, So We Don’t Have To

If there's one thing that humanity is relentlessly obsessed with, across all cultures, across all barriers of language and ideology, across all religions and beliefs, if there is one thing that truly unifies us and truly reveals the power of the human spirit, that thing would be boobs.




Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of Olivia Munn.


6.14 The Cooler


Lovely Leah For Sports Sunday Umpire Ejects Entire Crowd [The Big Lead] Is Amazon Taking Over the Book Business? [Time] Obama Approval Rating Exceeds 50% in States Containing 445 Electoral Votes [FiveThirtyEight] Concealed Carafes: The Disposable Flask [Trend Hunter] Tetris Turns 25: Is It The [...].

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