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Watch Matthew McConaughey’s Chest-Thumping Pep Talk To The University Of Texas Football Team

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Matthew McConaughey's pep talk to the University of Texas football team will make you want to run through a brick wall.


Vince Young Finally Found A New Job

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Young starts his first job since retiring from the NFL in June.


Is This Fan Made Charlie Strong Texas Longhorns T-Shirt Actually Racist?

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People are outraged over this cheap, fan made Texas Longhorns t-shirt that was for sale on Etsy, as they think it's racist toward Charlie Strong.


Oregon’s New Nike Uniforms Are Still Cooler Than Your Team’s Stupid Uniforms

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When the Oregon Ducks take the field at the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 30, they'll be wearing their brand new 2014 Nike Mach Speed uniforms.


Jose Canseco Wants To Coach The Texas Longhorns And Here Is His Four-Point Plan

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MLB great (?) Jose Canseco wants to coach the Texas Longhorns (??) and detailed a plan for success that includes goat friendship (???).


Mack Brown Resigns As Texas Coach, Will Step Down After Alamo Bowl

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Coach's 16-year tenure at the university set to come to an end.


Your College Football Recap, Week 7: Upsets Are Awesome and No More #LOLTexas

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For the majority of yesterday, I splayed myself on the leather IKEA couch my roommates and I keep in our living room, feet propped up in hotel slippers with a full stadium cup of coffee at hand.


And Now, The Biggest Cheapshot Of The Year Courtesy Of The Texas Longhorns

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Mike Davis of the Texas Longhorns took out an Iowa State Cyclones player with the cheapest shot you'll ever see. Absolutely disgraceful.


Texas Plummets in Week 3 College Football Poll

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The third college football poll of the season has been released, and it appears that Texas is the week's biggest mover; although, not in ways that Longhorn fans or Mack Brown will appreciate.


Johnny Football Gets Pissed On, Drinks Bevo Vomit In Latest Taiwan Animation

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I put that image up top so you'd know I wasn't f**king around with that headline.


Johnny Football Loves The Texas Longhorns, Hates Everybody On Twitter

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If you missed this yesterday, it's a photo of Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny "Football" Manziel sporting a suspicious-looking Texas Longhorns tattoo on his ribcage.


These Texas Longhorns Fans Have Given Us A Photo To Be Quite Thankful For

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Lost in all the excitement of yesterday’s Thanksgiving NFL action that featured an overtime caused by a clusterf*ck and the New England Patriots reinforcing their pro-bullying agenda was the day’s lone college action between the No.


What’s Up, Natalie Portman?

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As if it isn’t already hard enough being a college student, trying desperately to fit in among tens of thousands of peers while coping with the pressures of studying, self-esteem and just general survival away from our parents, it doesn’t help when Michael Fassbender shows up strutting his big ol’ dong around campus.


Reminder: Sports Can Be Really Awesome

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Here are two sports-related stories that will hopefully make you feel a little better about humanity today.


Apparently My House Has Been Relocated To SEC Country

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What you're looking at (courtesy of Jason Kirk at SBN by way of TexasAgs.com) may be one of the greater moments of trolling in college football history.


Sports On TV: King Of The Hill’s 25 Greatest Sports Moments

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Previous 'Sports On TV' columns (for 'Saved By The Bell' and 'Full House') have been fun to write but a pain to suffer through for research, because seriously, have you tried watching an 8th season episode of 'Full House' in 2012.


Texas Football: If The Heat Doesn't Kill You, The Stabbings Will

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It looks like I'm going to have to turn "Texas football guys dying" into a daily feature.

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