A Longtime Minor Leaguer Got His First MLB Hit After 13 Years And His Father Broke Down In Tears

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This story will hit you in all the feels. A career minor leaguer got his first MLB hit and his father was on hand to see the whole thing.

Monique Evans

Miss Texas’ First Pitch Makes 50 Cent Look Like Sandy Koufax

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Miss Texas Monique Evans continued the great American tradition of throwing out a first pitch.


The Chicago White Sox Turned One Of The Weirdest Double Plays You've Ever Seen

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The Chicago White Sox ricocheted a throw off a runner's hand and still got the runner at first in one of the most bizarre double plays you've ever seen.


Texas Rangers Funnyman Derek Holland Will Appear In ‘Dumb And Dumber To’

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Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland will make an appearance in Dumb and Dumber To after petitioning the Farrelly Brothers for a role.


Yu Darvish Can Switch-Pitch, Dogs And Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria

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Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish has five 14-strikeout games this season.


Way To Eschew Traditional Gender Roles, Jim Knox

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<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/jim-knox-mark.png"></a>We've all been there, especially if we've ever waited tables.


Nevermind That Baseball Sh*t, A Dog Is Riding A Scooter


I am currently writing about sports from a hotel room in Philadelphia.


Nothing Good Happens In The Outfield At Texas Rangers Games

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See that kid in the blue jersey and hat with his face obscured.


This Dog Doesn’t Like Baseball Video Games


Please forgive my inability to identify baseball video games, since the only games that I play are old school Final Fantasy re-releases for the iPad because I’m a ballllllller.


Johnny Football Is Not Exactly Johnny Baseball

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Behold, the glorious first pitch of Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel.


The Dugout: Me and Yu and Everyone We Know

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Hey guys, what's going on in this chatroom.


Rangers Pitcher Yu Darvish’s Perfect Game Falls One Out Short In 9th Inning

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Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers was one out away from a perfect baseball game on Tuesday night.


Unreal Estate Tour: Tom Hicks Is Selling His Absurd Dallas Mansion For $135 Million

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Perhaps Tom Hicks is best known for being a shrewd businessman who built his incredible wealth and subsequent empire through hard work and determination, as well as the ability to not give a crap about the little people he may have trampled along the way.


A Behind The Scenes Look At Sammy Sosa's New Social Media PR Rehab Experiment

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By now, you’ve surely seen the glory that is former MLB slugger Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest page, which <a href="http://deadspin.com/5974860/sammy-sosa-has-the-best-pinterest-page-ever">was unveiled by Deadspin yesterday</a> and quickly <a href="http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2013/01/every-look-from-sammy-sosas-pinterest-page.html?mbid=social_tumblr_gqmagazine">pinned on every blog and Tumblr across the Interwebs</a>.


Josh Hamilton Agrees To $125 Million Deal With Angels

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The spending habits of the Los Angeles Angels are redefining what the word "reckless" really means.


The Nolan Ryan Robin Venture Fight, Now In 8-Bits

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I think I speak for everyone when I say Nolan Ryan headlocking Robin Ventura and bashing him in the skull like a boss is the greatest moment in baseball history.


With Leather’s Watch This: Congrats Braves?

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I don’t want to bag on the Atlanta Braves, because I have a lot of friends who are #BARVES fans and I respect their fanfare.

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