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10-Year Old Singer Sebastien De La Cruz Vs. The Racist Internet. Who Ya Got?

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Note: Sebastien has responded to the hateful tweets, and we've included his response at the bottom of this post.


Texas Man Shoots Escort For Refusing To Sleep With Him, Is Found Not Guilty

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A 30-year old Texas man named Ezekial Gilbert was acquitted of murder yesterday, after a Bexar County jury determined that he justifiably shot a 23-year old escort in 2009.


The New Dallas Stars Logo Is Great. Also, I’d Like A Quad Venti Soy Latte, Please

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Welcome to the new era of Dallas Stars hockey -- the one where everything is super green, stars get rounded off and the "Dallas Starbucks" joke is way too easy.

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A Naked San Antonio Man Has A Pretty Sweet Keyboard For Sale On Craigslist


While Craigslist is a great place to find bargains on used musical instruments, nothing tops one naked San Antonio man's sweet deal for a used keyboard.

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The First ‘Fully’ 3D-Printed Gun Had A Successful Test Firing (Video)

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Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed has tested a "fully" 3D-printed gun with mixed results. These are interesting times, y'all.


Matthew McConaughey’s family sounds fun

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Part of this story is a bit old, as it happened at the Independent Spirit Awards, which are held the night before the Oscars every year, presumably so that the Spirits can be easily overshadowed and get as little press coverage as possible.


A Man Shot Himself At The NRA 500, Because Of Course He Did


It's very difficult to share a news story that starts with, "a man shot himself at the NRA 500," and give it the proper gravity.


Great Moments In Spring Break History: ‘Walk It Off, Bro!’

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This week’s celebration of the world’s greatest month-long religious holiday, Spring Break, takes a step back from watching women embarrass themselves and focuses on the age-old tradition of bros being bros.


If You Haven’t Heard, I’m Making A Horror Movie, And This Guy’s Going To Be In It

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I've bugged the readers of the <a href="" target="_blank">Best and Worst of WWE Raw column</a> about this a couple of times now, but "Brandon's dreams are coming true" is big enough news to share on the main page proper, so here we are.


Meet Iram Leon, The Man With An Inoperable Brain Tumor Who Won A Marathon

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Yesterday we shared with you a clip of a <a href="" target="_blank">Texas high school senior bench-pressing 700 pounds</a>.


This High School Senior Bench-Pressed 700 Pounds, Because TEXAS

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-107844"></a>This is a clip of a teenager lifting 700 pounds.


Marble Falls Bridge Implosion


The US 281 bridge in Marble Falls, TX goes down in a blaze of glory.


In Austin For SXSW? Here, Have Two Tickets To The World Premiere Of 'Summer League'

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Anyway, if you're one of the 700,000,000,000 who've descended upon my grand home town of Austin, Texas, for SXSW, I have two points of business for you: 1.

3D printing

3D-Printed Guns Take A Huge Leap Forward: Homebrew AR Receiver Fires Hundreds Of Rounds

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Defense Distributed show the new addition to their 3D-printed gun collection: the first 3D-printed receiver to fire .223 caliber high-pressure rifle rounds.


What Did Vaughn Govia's Foot Say To Mikey Saenz's Face?

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I don’t like to brag, friends, but I have never been kicked in the head.


Texas Bro Blew All His Tax Return Money On Strippers, Told Wife And Police That He Was Robbed


21-year old, Jesus Mata, Jr. spent his entire $1,000 tax return at a strip club and then told his girlfriend and police that he was robbed by six men in two trucks.


So It’s Come To This: The Air Sex National Championships

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<a href="" target="_blank">As I mentioned last week</a>, the Air Sex National Championships went down in Austin, TX, on Friday night.


We Want To Play Real-Life Mario Kart, Too!

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Waterloo Labs are back with another mod. This time they rigged a go-kart track to play real-life Mario Kart.

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