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Drake Says Enough Is Enough

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<a href=""> Everyone has pride, just like everyone has a breaking point. And at some time, everyone is going to hear all the criticisms placed upon them. To their face and behind their back. In the world of Hip-Hop, those criticisms are magnified, especially in current times. For artists like Eminem, Jay-Z and OutKast, their legend was stamped long before the Internet rose to power. While it is a gift and a curse, "newer" artists do not necessarily have that luxury. They travel the road to hopeful Hip-Hop hierarchy with the World Wide Web documenting their every step and misstep. <a href="">Aubrey Drake Graham</a> is a perfect example.

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Drake – “Find Your Love” Video

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<a href=""> <a href="">Drake</a> is looking for love.

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The Week That Was: The Title Stays In Harlem Edition

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<a href=""> -- After all the posturing and jive talk, Jim Jones & Co. took home the <a href="">Band Of Ballers Crown</a> for the second straight year.

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Is This The Cover Of The Most Anticipated Rap Album Of The Year?

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<a href=""> "When my album drop, b@tches will buy it for the picture..." My dear old mum is a wise lady. As a young child, she gave me a nugget of wisdom that I've carried with me for years since. As I was making fun of Mother Thompson's natty hair in church one Sunday, my usually docile mother pinched the fire out of a young Gotty's™ arm and told me if I didn't have anything nice to say then I shouldn't say anything at all. And she also promised me a "d#mn whipping" after church but that's beside the fact here. While it was initially disputed, <a href="">Oliver says</a> this will be the artwork for Drake's Thank Me Later.

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Drake – “Find Your Love” (Produced By Kanye West)

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<a href=""> I'll keep it one hunnit. <a href="">Thank Me Later</a> has no buzz.

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Video: Drake Performing “Fireworks” Live @ Rites Of Spring

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<a href=""> Full update later but for now I wanted to post a few pics from <a href="">Drake's</a> performance Friday @ Vanderbilt's <a href="">Rites of Passage</a> festival.

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Drake – “Over” Video

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<a href=""> Here we have <a href="">Wheelchair Jimmy's</a> video for <a href="">his first single</a> off <a href="">his upcoming debut album</a>.


3.31 The Cooler

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CaSSiie MeLinDa Kelsey Grammer Settles Lawsuit For Only $10 [EW] The Top 10 Blunders Independent Artists Make With Their Web Presence [My Music Success] The Cop That Pulled Over Joey Porter Has A DUI Of His Own [With Leather] No One Wants To Sing [...].

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Drake Feat. The-Dream – “Shut It Down”

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While it will add to the radio appeal, this song could be suffering from too much Terius.

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Drake – “Over”

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The precedence set with <a href="">"Best I Ever Had"</a> & <a href="">"Successful"</a> has been a blessing and a curse for <a href="">Drizzy Drake</a>.


Your Five Day Forecast

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I've heard when all the planets are in alignment crazy things tend to happen.


9.27 The Cooler

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Vanessa Nina Like Whoa Confirmed: Twitter is Saving All Your Tweets, After All [ReadWriteWeb] College-O-Vision [CH] Mayer Hawthorne on Distortion 2 Static [Stones Throw] Bill Clinton Honors Quincy Jones [Singersroom] T-Pain Makes Network Television Acting Debut [The Boombox] Interview with Mally From The 612 [Culture Bully] MGMT [...].

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The Director’s Cut: Drake “Best I Ever Had” Video

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<a href="">eskay</a> says the only difference between this and <a href="">the original version</a> is longer stretching.

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Drake – “Best I Ever Had” Video

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Kanye dons the director hat, opening with a porntastic scene with the presence of knockers.

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