Watch A Frustrated President Obama ‘Thank Obama’ When His Cookie Is Too Big For His Milk

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President Obama partnered with Buzzfeed to make this cute video.


Here’s Video Of Snoop Dogg Fist-Bumping Secretary Of State John Kerry In The White House


Snoop Dogg, America's crown prince of marijuana smoking, sure has come a long way from being charged with murder in the 90s.


Florida Friday: Man arrested for shoving pregnant girlfriend blames Obama

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FLORIDA FRIDAY, PANHANDLE EDITION -- 18-year-old John Shiffner got into a fight with his pregnant, 30-year-old girlfriend in Century recently, a small town on the Alabama border.


Here’s A Supercut Of Rappers Shouting Out Their Jewish Lawyers Because Why Not

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Rappers love their jewish lawyers. They do things like "eat the case" and "turn 10 to 2-4"...swell.


Meme Watch: Let’s Celebrate The Inauguration With The Best Of The ‘Thanks Obama!’ GIFs

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Barack Obama is being inaugurated today, which makes this a perfect time to sarcastically thank him for all the things that are totally his fault, like the harrowing incident pictured above.

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