that's not creepy at all

Here’s Bill Walton Providing Creepy Commentary About The UCLA Dance Squad


Take a moment out of your day to watch Bill Walton talk about college girls.


For The Creepiest Sports Fan You Know, Here's Mickey Mantle's Deathbed Speech, Now Available At Auction

Yankees legend Mickey Mantle gave an emotional deathbed speech four weeks before he died in 1995. Now you can own it, thanks to a super creepy auction.


Pierre The Pelican Finally Underwent His ‘Surgery’ And He’s Now Adorably Creepy


The New Orleans Pelicans have Pierre the Pelican a far-less-creepy new face after the mascot suffered a "beak injury" in a game.


Richard Simmons Has Officially Cranked The Crazy Up To 11


Richard Simmons posted a picture of himself dressed as Mia Farrow in 'Rosemary's Baby' today on his Facebook and it's terrifying.


Here’s A Strange Mashup Of Rob Ford And The Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo Ad

For some reason, here's a very creepy mashup of Toronto mayor Rob Ford and the Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo ad.

that's not creepy at all

Richard Simmons Recorded Himself Sitting In A Massage Chair At A Car Wash

For no reason other than he could, Richard Simmons made a video of himself in a massage chair at a car wash and it was strange.

that's not creepy at all

Every Post You Make, Every Song You Take, MS Is Watching You

So, yeah, remember when Google just straight up forcibly enrolled everybody in Google Buzz and brought the wrath of the entire Internet down on their heads.

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