Slayer Sports News: Slayer Reacts To Slayer Being Mentioned On Sports

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As a human being attached to a sports blog, it is my contractual duty to report any and all Slayer-related sports news.


Friday Morning Links: Can’t Sleep, Ice Skating Clown Will Eat Me

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Links Christmas Commercials from the 1950s and ’60s Are the Best -.


Jaydin Goldenstein Is My New Hero

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Up next in the category of Bad Ass of the Year, Jaydin Goldenstein is a 16-year old three-sport star at Holyoke High School in Colorado.


Morning Links: Kate Upton Is On To Us

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I tried typing "Kate Upton Is On Us," but my fingers broke.


Malaysian Cyclist Gets Metal On Us

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While I don't think I even need to remind you, the Track Cycling World Cup took place over the weekend at the Manchester Velodrome in England, as international teams competed in what was one of the first true tests for track cycling before the 2012 Summer Olympics.


NCAA Football > Pacemaker Surgery

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A Detroit man has postponed his pacemaker surgery, originally scheduled for today, until next week because he wants to be able to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game this weekend.

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