that's racist

Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson’s Email Shows He’s Dumb, Not Racist

By | 16 Comments

Why selling his share of the team might not be a bad thing after all.


These Daquan Memes Are So Wrong… But So Damn Funny

By | 48 Comments

So, so, so wrong, but so, so, so funny.

that's racist

Another Spanish Soccer Match, More Racist Monkey Chants

By | 6 Comments

A Senegalese Levante player subjected to racial slurs from traveling Atlético Madrid fans.

that's racist

NBA Hands Donald Sterling His Punishment For Racist Remarks

By | 65 Comments

Commissioner hits Donald Sterling with the maximum discipline within his powers.


Donald Trump: Donald Sterling Was Setup By “The Girlfriend From Hell”

By | 28 Comments

The Donald thinks the other Donald didn't get a fair shake.


Clippers Donald Sterling: Once A Racist, Always A Racist

By | 114 Comments

Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, faces criticism over alleged racist remarks.

the n word

On Richard Sherman And The Definition Of A Thug N****

By | 39 Comments

Seahawks CB calls it disappointing and frustrating.

#Kanye West

Kanye West Reportedly Punched A Guy For Calling Kim Kardashian a “N****r Lover”

By | 52 Comments

So this is how Kanye spent his afternoon. How did you spend yours?


TMZ Finally Jumps The Shark…Then Calls It A N*gga

By | 26 Comments

Dear TMZ, in the words of Flavor Flav, "I don't wanna be called yo n****"

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