L.e. – “Bulldog BMX” Video

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<a href=""> Even though he sounds like he's pinching his nose when spitting and looks like a bi-racial <a href="">Clint Howard</a>, Ohio emcee L.

Von Pea

L.e. – The Anti-Parachute Theory

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<a href=""> Guaranteed to set clear distinctions between him and the rest of the peers, L.e. dons his ripcords and lets The Anti-Parachute Theory freefall from the studio right onto your hard drive. With contributions from Rashad & Nicotine of Elevator Music, <a href="">Blueprint</a> and Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, expect a gratifying package with blatant disregard for gravity.

Von Pea

Parachutes Are For Losers…

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It's already <a href="">been proven</a> that L.

We Got Now


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What's the worst thing about being labeled a "hipster rapper.

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