The Ashtray

TSS Presents DJ Burn One – The Ashtray

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While the rapper is the face of the Hip-Hop, the producer remains the behind-the-scenes driving force, the puppet master if you will.

The Ashtray

Coming Soon: DJ Burn One’s The Ashtray

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The only real important thing to note right now is Burn One's pretty much done with The Ashtray, a collection of completely original, instrumental arrangements.

The Ashtray

DJ Burn One – “Live”

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<a href=""> One of the hardest parts of turning music production into bill payments is being able to find the time to dedicate yourself fully to the craft, by allocating enough hours away from a regular 9-to-5 and trying to not spread yourself too thin along the way. However, when you're 25-year-old <a href="">DJ Burn One</a>, the word "regular" is quite relative.

The Ashtray

Welcome To The Hazy World Of DJ Burn One

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<a href="">Photo: <a href="">Diwang Valdez</a> At TSS, we are huge <a href="">DJ Burn One</a> supporters.

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