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‘Sharknado 3′ Is Happening But Ian Ziering Won’t Sign On Unless He Gets A Raise

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Ian Ziering reportedly wants a raise for 'Sharknado 3,' which means that SyFy will probably go fishing for another star.


From The People Who Brought You ‘Sharknado,’ Here’s The Trailer For ‘Mercenaries’

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From The Asylum, the evil geniuses who unleashed Sharknado upon the world, here comes Mercenaries.


Coming Soon From The Producers Of 'Sharknado': 'Airplane Vs. Volcano'! Starring Dean Cain!

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The Asylum made a movie about Dean Cain battling a volcano. And there's a trailer. FINALLY.


‘Mega Shark Vs Mecha Shark': SyFy May Have Jumped The, Well, You Know

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Here's the first trailer for 'Mega Shark Vs Mecha Shark', another movie trying to repeat the magic of 'Sharknado'.


‘Sharknado’ Producers Offering One Lucky Person The Chance To Get Eaten By A Shark In Their Next Movie

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The producers of 'Sharknado' are having a contest to let one viewer be a victim in their next shark-based disaster movie.


Wherefore Art Thou, ‘Sharknado’? A SyFy Executive Muses On Quality Movie Names.

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SyFy executive Thomas Vitale talks about SyFy movie names that work, which leads to an important discussion about koalas.


Step Aside ‘Pacific Rim’, The Trailer For ‘Atlantic Rim’ Is Here To Punch Our Monster

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Here's the first trailer for mockbuster 'Atlantic Rim', not to be confused with 'Pacific Rim' even though they have the same plot. The dialogue is amazing.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros/MGM win restraining order against Asylum’s Hobbit knockoff

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By now you should all be familiar with The Asylum, a company that makes direct-to-DVD mockbusters like The Day the Earth Stopped and Snakes on a Train, starring people like Billy Zane and Richard Grieco, timed to coincide with their blockbuster counterparts.


‘Age of the Hobbits’ Is Here To Make You Forget About Those Other Hobbits

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Lawyers for New Line Cinema and Zaentz Co. are threatening The Asylum with legal action if they don't change the title of 'Age of the Hobbits'.


LA Times profiles the Mockbuster industry

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Throughout the years, I've often posted trailers for movies produced by The Asylum, a company that specializes in making cheap knockoffs of the latest Hollywood blockbusters (you may remember The Asylum's Almighty Thor, starring Richard Grieco as the Norse God of receding hairlines).


Asylum’s Thor ripoff stars Richard Grieco

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The Asylum is a studio (and I mean that only in the loosest sense of the word) that pumps out bad, direct-to-DVD ripoffs of blockbusters (Transformers + The Asylum = Transmorphers), reportedly averaging four months from script to "finished" product.


Debbie Gibson Versus Tiffany Versus Mega Python Versus Gatoroid

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activist who releases the snakes (not a euphemism), and Tiffany will play a park ranger who comes up with a brilliant, alligator-related plan to deal with the snake problem.


Oh Look, Another Thor Movie

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A week and a half before Kenneth Branagh's Thor hits theaters on May 6th, The Asylum will be releasing their own direct-to-DVD Thor mockbuster starring Richard Grieco as Loki and Cody Deal as Thor.

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