Santa Fe Spent $50,000 For ‘The Bachelor’ To Misspell The City’s Name

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Santa Fe's tourism group paid ABC $50,000 to bring 'The Bachelor' to town, only to have the show misspell the city's name.

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Jimmy Kimmel To Guest Host ‘The Bachelor’ Monday (And Hopefully Do Some Hot Tubbin’)

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Jimmy Kimmel has been asked to help 'The Bachelor' with its ratings slump by showing up Monday and hosting.


An Investigation: Did ‘The Bachelor’ Blur Out A Contestant’s Bikini Area For Being Too Hairy?

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On last night's 'The Bachelor', a contestant's bikini area was censored out for mysterious reasons. What happened?


What’s On Tonight: ‘Gotham’ And ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Are Back

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"Gotham" and "Sleepy Hollow" return but so do "The Bachelor" and "The Celebrity Apprentice." You win some, you lose some.

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Can You Guess Whether These ‘The Bachelor’ Contestants Are More Terrified Of Diarrhea Or Silence?


Jimmy Kimmel noticed a surprising trend in 'The Bachelor' contestant bios so he turned it into the latest 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' game.


NXT ‘Personality’ Devin Taylor Is A Contestant On The Next Season Of ‘The Bachelor’

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NXT fans should tune in to January's premiere of 'The Bachelor' to see Devin Taylor, backstage interviewer extraordinaire, compete for love.


The Next Star Of ‘The Bachelor’ Is Chris Soules, A Guy Who Is Afraid Of Diarrhea

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Much to the surprise of people who still watch this stuff, ABC's next star of 'The Bachelor' is Chris Soules, AKA 'Farmer Chris.'


Jason Biggs Tweets Jokes About Dead ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant, Basks In The Glow Of His Own Douchiness

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Jason Biggs rattled off cheap jokes at the expense of a dead guy, and then celebrated himself by retweeting the negative comments.


A ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Finally Realized That ‘The Bachelor’ Is Total Horsesh*t

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A 'The Bachelor' contestant finally called the titular bachelor out on his crap. Way to catch up with all of the rest of us, lady!


Two Strangers Passed Increasingly Angry Notes On A Delayed Flight. One Got Slapped.

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Elan Gale is a Thanksgiving hero for livetweeting his encounter with a loud woman on an airplane.


Morning Links: A Contestant From The Bachelor Made A Cancer Joke About Yadier Molina

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We know that the St. Louis Cardinals have baseball's best fans, but 'The Bachelor' season 11 contestant Sarah Newlon is bringing Red Sox fans neck-and-neck with them.

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Gia Allemand Of ‘The Bachelor’ & ‘Bachelor Pad’ Is Dead After An Apparent Suicide Attempt

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Gia Allemand of The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad is dead after an apparent suicide attempt. She was 29.

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The Baby Bachelor – Finale


Here’s the fifth and final installment of Jimmy Kimmel’s The Baby Bachelor.

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The Baby Bachelor – Episode 4


Here’s the fourth installment of Jimmy Kimmel’s The Baby Bachelor.

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The Baby Bachelor – Episode 3


Here’s the third installment of Jimmy Kimmel’s The Baby Bachelor.

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The Baby Bachelor – Episode 2


Here's the second installment of Jimmy Kimmel's The Baby Bachelor.

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