Father And Two-Year-Old Son Play “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles


A father and his adorable son collaborate on "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles.


The Beatles in One Minute


Chad Neidt and Bronkar Lee blaze their way through The Beatles' catalog.


The Beatles Argument


Anger, frustration, forgiveness, revenge: communicated using Beatles songs.


Paul McCartney Lays Smack Down On His Grandkids For Beating Him At ‘Beatles: Rock Band’

By | 2 Comments

Paul McCartney's grandkids, big "Beatles: Rock Band" players. Paul McCartney, big actual Beatle.

butthole tattoos

The Lady With 'Let It Be' Tattooed On Her Butthole Isn't 'That Into The Beatles'

By | 13 Comments

Zarrah Angel is a porn star with "Let It Be" tattooed above her butthole, and yet, she doesn't even like the Beatles (or the Replacements).

jimmy page's birthday

Celebrate Jimmy Page's Birthday With A Beatles/Zeppelin Mashup, Mourn Taylor Swift's Breakup With A Swift/Jackson 5 One

By | 3 Comments

Taylor Swift and the Jackson 5 get confusingly mashed up, while the Beatles and Led Zeppelin come together for some madness. Happy Birthday Jimmy Page!


Whole Lotta Helter Skelter


A seamless mashup of two of history's biggest bands: The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.


The Rolling Stones Covered The Beatles For The First Time In 48 Years

By | 15 Comments

At the kick-off concert on their 50th anniversary tour, the Rolling Stones played a Beatles song for the first time in nearly five decades.


The Beatles Play Death Metal, And 6 Other Musical Genre Mashup Videos


AC/DC as a funk band, Drake playing polka, the Beatles doing their best death metal impression, and more musical genre mashups.


Mumford & Sons Accomplished Something Not Done Since The Beatles

By | 3 Comments

And that something involves having a ridiculous number of songs in the Billboard Hot 100.

bob dylan

15 Superstar Musicians Who Subtly Appeared In Other Artists’ Songs

By | 15 Comments

For no other reason than I wanted to listen to a song that sounded like the New York Dolls, but wasn’t actually performed by the New York Dolls, I put on R.

a tribe called quest

The 10 Greatest Songs That Sample The Beatles

By | 16 Comments

Tomorrow is the 45th anniversary of the release of the Beatles’ Sgt.


If Iron Maiden's 'The Number Of The Beast' Is The Best British Album Ever, What's The Best American?

By | 34 Comments

Longboats have been sighted, the evidence of war has begun Many Nordic fighting men, their swords and shields all gleam in the sun Call to arms, defend yourselves, get ready to stand and fight for your lives Judgment day has come around, so be prepared, don't run, stand your ground So begins the greatest British album of all-time, Iron Maiden’s The Number of the Beast, at least according to those who <a href="">responded to a survey</a> put out by British retailer HMV.


'Mad Men's' Beatles Sample Cost $250,000

By | 13 Comments

This week's episode of "Mad Men" ended with Don Draper sitting back and trying to get a little weird to the psychedelic rhythms of "Tomorrow Never Knows," the last track off the Beatles' 1966 album Revolver.


'Mad Men' Paid $250K To Use Beatles Song Sunday Night

By | 2 Comments

Remember the Beatles song -- "Tomorrow Never Knows" -- that played near the end of <a href="">Sunday's Mad Men</a> and during the credits.


Ever Wondered What Your Favorite Classic Album Covers Would Look Like Without The Dead Artists?

By | 5 Comments

Benjamin Franklin once said that the only things that are certain in life are death, taxes and that Lady GaGa will have 5 hit singles each year.


The Wu-Tang Says ‘Wu-Tang’ Supercut You Never Knew You Needed


My rather shallow hip hop roots can be traced back to listening to a lot of Wu-Tang Clan in high school.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week


It's that time of the week where we post a mixed bag of intriguing costumes we spotted recently.


REMINDER George Harrison Was Awesome

By | 19 Comments

Martin Scorsese's two part documentary, <a href="" target="_blank">George Harrison: Living in the Material World</a>, premieres tonight on HBO (trailer after the jump) and I see no way it's not going to be f'n magnificent.

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