Treat Yourself To The Good Christian Version Of ‘Cards Against Humanity’

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'A Game For Good Christians' is a version of 'Cards Against Humanity' that tries to keep all the fun intact while adding in Bible passages.


Angry Australian Gamers Also Wanted Target Stores To Stop Selling The Bible, But Their Plan Backfired

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Those angry gamers in Australia added The Bible to their growing list of petitions against Target, but the store had some bad news for them.


Introduce Yourselves To The Buff Christian Couples Who Are ‘Swinging’ For Christ

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This couple decided to take their love of body building and partner swapping and put it to work for Jesus Christ.

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The Bible Is Being Used To Crack Your Password

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Password cracking is getting help from an unexpected source: The Bible.


A 12-Year Old Girl Can't Play Football Because Boys Get Boners, And Also The Bible

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Maddy Blythe is a 12-year old girl who loves football and attends a Christian private school in Georgia.


Everyone Loves Jesus And Vikings, Apparently

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For the second week in a row, the History Channel got big ratings for their original programs, "The Bible" and "Vikings."


God’s Embarrassing Diary


God isn't exactly proud of the stuff he put on paper during his younger days.


And Now To Help You Forget About The Miami Heat Blowjob Party, Here's Christians

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In what might be the exact opposite of a bunch of basketball fans traveling across the country to get blowjobs from porn stars, here's a picture of two nice young ladies at the New York Jets training camp who drove seven hours with personalized signs to get a hug from way back back-up quarterback Tim Tebow.


Manny Ramirez Quits The A's, Does These Drugs, Has Cancer Hair

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Manny Ramirez asked the Oakland Athletics to release him from his minor league contract on Friday, and they obliged.


Darren Aronofsky’s Comic Book Plot Pays Off: $150 Million ‘Noah’ Moving Forward


Back in January we reported Darren Aronofsky was making a comic book based on a script he was having trouble financing because, in Our speculation turned out to be right; Aronofsky collaborated with Nico Henrichon on a Noah comic.

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