Here Are 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Big Lebowski’

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To celebrate the film entering the Library of Congress and because it's a great in general, here are some facts about 'The Big Lebowski.'

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Time Is A Flat Circle, Man: ‘The Big Lebowski’ Gets A ‘True Detective’ Opening Credits Mashup

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Someone mashed up the Coen Brothers' iconic 1998 film "The Big Lebowski" with the opening credits of "True Detective." Because why not?


‘The Big Lebowski’ Is Taking Its Rightful Place In The Library Of Congress

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The National Film Registry is adding 'The Big Lebowski' and 24 other classics to the incredible catalog at the Library of Congress.

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All The ‘The Big Lebowski’ Quotes That Really Tie The Room Together

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You can go an entire year speaking only in 'The Big Lebowski' quotes.


7 Great Comedies That Get Funnier Every Time We Watch Them

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Some comedies need a second viewing. And a third. And a fourth...


Here Are Even More Funny Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

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Here are 25 more humorous Halloween costumes from movies, history, and pop culture.


Please Enjoy These Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That Won’t Break The Bank

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Here are 25 pop culture Halloween costumes of varying difficulty, all unified in being creatively executed and instantly recognizable to many.

Happy Meals

These TV- And Movie-Themed Happy Meals Will Make You Wish McDonald’s Was Cooler

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Designer Newt Clements has been creating these awesome Happy Meal designs for a while, and people are taking notice now thanks to a joke.

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Here’s Jeff Bridges Recounting A Hilarious Story About ‘The Big Lebowski’ Dream Dancers’ Gigantic Pubes

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Jeff Bridges has one hell of a story about the dancers from the dream sequence in 'The Big Lebowski.' Things got a little hairy.


Of Course Jeff Bridges Bowled His Dodgers First Pitch Lebowski-Style. He’s The Dude, Man

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Watch Jeff Bridges channel his inner, um, self and dramatically bowl the ball to the catcher to the delight of "Big Lebowski" fans everywhere.


John Turturro Wants To Reprise His ‘Big Lebowski’ Role As The Jesus In A New Film Next Year

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John Turturro wants to make a sequel or spinoff of The Big Lebowski, centered around his character Jesus Quintana, in 2015.


Reminisce With Some Of The Worst Examples Of Movies That Have Been Edited For TV

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The best movies get the worst treatment when they come to television. Witness some of the most glaring in this supercut.


The Coen Brothers Have Announced Their Next Film Project And It Sounds Promising

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The Coen Brothers have announced their next film project and the story returns the duo to golden years of Hollywood.


Pop Culture Buddies: Illustrations Of Famous TV And Movie Duos Blissfully Hanging Out

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Walt and Jesse skipping as they eat Gus Fring's chicken would be the greatest Breaking Bad deleted scene EVER.


Were There Coen Brothers Easter Eggs In The ‘Fargo’ Pilot? You Betcha.

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Every episode of "Fargo" should include at least one reference to a Coen Brothers movie.


Supercut: Two Full Minutes Of ‘Big Lebowski’ References From The ‘Veronica Mars’ TV Series

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"Veronica Mars" made kind of a lot of "Big Lebowski" references. This is by no means a complaint.

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