4.9 The Cooler

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Claire Bella America's Shame: Confederates' Defending Slavery [The Huffington Post] Top 10 Worst Basketball Injuries [Dime] Is It Still Cool To Be Black And Proud In Hip-Hop.

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“The Blueprint 3 Was The Most Difficult Album That I’ve Ever Made”

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I can already hear the bags rustling as you reach for tomatoes to throw.

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“Kiss The Ring 2K9″ – The Fifteen Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2009

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The album may have decreased in monetary significance over the years, but few can deny the calibration it stacks onto an artist's creative worth.

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Jay-Z Feat. Mr. Hudson – “Young Forever” Video

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Much as folks could not seem to come to a consensus on whether or not BP3 was actually worth a damn, it was almost unanimously agreed upon that this track was completely out of place.

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Event Recap: Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Tour

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At this point in my blogging career, there's no need to describe situations as "surreal.

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Today’s Headline – “The Blueprint to Jay-Z’s BP3 Marketing Campaign”

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WooHa with the win for this analysis of Jay-Z's multimedia takeover for BP3.

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Is Hip-Hop Finally Dead?

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^ It is to this guy.

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All The Dope Boys Go Crazy: Jay-Z & Young Jeezy

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Photo: B.Scott "Hov on that new shit Niggas like how come Niggas want my old shit Buy my old album.

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TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With J.Cole

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Photo Credit: Honey Mag Fayetteville's own Jermaine Cole exploded on to the scene in 2009 and began climbing your favorite MC's favorite new MC list.

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Video: Affion Crockett Spoofs Kanye West

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The internet is a powerful tool when used correctly.

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The Making Of The Blueprint 3 Album Cover

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Like I repeatedly told the rest of the Crew, the album sounds just like the cover looks.

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Video: Kanye’s Apology & Performance On Leno

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Jay Leno gave Kanye a chance to apologize once again after coming down from his liquid courage outburst last night.

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