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“Empire State Of Mind…”

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For all of BP3's supposed shortcomings, "Empire State Of Mind" ranks close to Nas' "N.

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Video: Jay-Z’s Answer The Call Concert

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In case you missed it & don't want to wait for Sunday's replay on Fuse, Yardie's got the rip split into two videos instead of the 4-8 different compiled clips I've seen elsewhere.


“On To The Next One” – Review Of Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3

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For over a decade Jay-Z has been at the epicenter of Hip-Hop's ever changing landscape.

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Video: “From MSGs To MSGents”

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By now, I'm sure everyone's heard about Jay-Z accomplishing the unbelievable (as in yeah right) by selling out Madison Square Garden in a minute.

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“September 11th 8th Marks An Era…”

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With so many albums being pushed back, it's rare for an album release to be pushed up.

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50 Cent – “Flight 187″ Video

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I’ve been pretty good at keeping my mouth shut when it comes to Curtis, mainly because my mom said that if I don’t have anything nice to say then I shouldn’t say a word.

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Where’s Nas?

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Jay is going to do numbers.

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Video: Jay-Z Speaks On Blueprint 3 Leaking

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Unfettered by the idea that his hand-to-hand plan did not succeed, Shawn Corey cordially accepts the defeat handed to him by you robbers & pillagers.

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Video: Rhapsody & Jay-Z Recreate His Album Artwork

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*Throws hands in the air mimicking the scene from Do The Right Thing* I told someone last week, I don't even think it's about Jay anymore.

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Cop: The Blueprint 3 Gear

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Blasphemy If for whatever reason you've recently caught Blueprint 3 fever, Jay-Z's camp wants to make sure you're properly clothed for the occasion.

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Hip-Hop’s Growing Trend: Camp Leaks

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Sometimes, you just don't know who to trust in the world anymore.


8.29 The Cooler

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That's All You Need To Know About Jessica Roxas How To Burn In Hell: Stevie Wonder Twitter Page [Urban Daily] UNCDUKESPN [Buzz/Bull] Chad Ochocinco Wants You to Help Him Tweet During Games [NFL Fanhouse] The Koalition’s Back To School Playlist [Koalition] It Was All Good [...].


Jay-Z – “Venus Vs. Mars”

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If one can make any assumptions about The Blueprint 3 at this point, I can honestly say that Timbaland's camp failed you Hov.

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Video: Bill O’Reilly On Jay-Z’s “Off That”

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As if bloggers & other critics weren't enough to contend with, Bill O'Reilly has taken it upon himself to share two shiny copper pennies regarding Jay's "Off That.

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Jay-Z – “Reminder”

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For those "hatin" on the last Timbaland track, I'm sure this is more of your steez.


Jay-Z Feat. Drake – “Off That”

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I'm sure this was one of the more anticipated songs when the tracklist was revealed.

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