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James Deen Says Sasha Grey Has A Bad Reputation In The Porn Industry

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Judging by the current scores on Rotten Tomatoes (22% critics, 24% audience), The Canyons isn’t exactly the most popular film right now.


‘The Canyons’ Producers Purposely Leaked Those Photos Of Lindsay Lohan Topless Online

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Those photos of Lindsay Lohan topless you see online? Those were intentionally leaked.

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James Deen’s first-hand account of working with Lindsay on The Canyons

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Boy-next-door porn actor James Deen, born Bryan Matthew Sevilla, recently wrote a first-hand account of his experience working on The Canyons for DailyBeast.


James Deen offered the lead in the porno version of his own movie

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The Canyons famously stars sometime porn actor James Deen and Lindsay Lohan, and, after getting rejected by both Sundance and SXSW, was probably well on its way to obscurity, leaving behind little but a really good NY Times profile.

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Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons rejected by Sundance, here’s a 3-minute clip

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I didn't cover the NY Times' epic piece on the Bret Easton Ellis-scripted, Paul Shrader-directed, Lindsay Lohan-starring The Canyons, only because the extent of Lindsay Lohan's fascinating yet predictable brand of crazy would be hard to fit into a block quote.


The 8 Craziest Passages From The NY Times Profile Of Lindsay Lohan's Kickstarter-Funded Erotic Movie

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Lindsay Lohan made shooting the Kickstarter-funded movie "The Canyons" a total nightmare, according to a New York Times profile.


10.11 The Cooler

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Nicole Bahls 13 iPhone 5 Apps You Should Download Now [Complex] What If The Presidential Election Is A Tie.

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Trailer for Bret Easton Ellis’ The Canyons, Ellis loses it over 50 Shades writer

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Bret Easton Ellis wrote Less Than Zero, Rules of Attraction, and American Psycho, and for that he'll always have my respect (I also enjoyed Lunar Park, though Glamorama was absolute drivel).

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Lindsay Lohan made her film crew strip

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Ugh, look, I don't know why I'm writing about Lindsay Lohan either.


Lindsay Lohan is working with an adult film star and Bret Easton Ellis

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Lindsay Lohan is a menace to public safety who contributes almost nothing to society and can't even make it to the set of her crappy Lifetime  movie without crashing her car and Easton Ellis, who's taken to abbreviating his own name "BEE" on Twitter, announced the casting himself: Shooting THE CANYONS starring James Deen and Lindsay Lohan: July 9-31 in L.

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