Jennifer Love Hewitt Continues To Promote ‘The Client List’ By Singing In Her Underpants

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is promoting the second season of "The Client List" with another sexy song and dance. This is not a bad thing.

Important Nudity News: Jennifer Love Hewitt Will Wear Nothing At All On ‘The Client List’ Next Season

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"The Client List" star Jennifer Love Hewitt has been filming scenes for the show in the nude, appeasing "Can't Hardly Wait" fans.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Broke Her Wrist And I Will Explain Why That Is Funny

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Jennifer Love Hewitt broke her wrist over the weekend. This is hilarious. Allow me to explain.


The Network for Women Set to Ruin One of Cinema's Greatest Female Characters

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Although NBC has already greenlit the TV series Hannibal with "Pushing Daises" Bryan Fuller on board as showrunner, and even though Fox has a Silence of the Lambs-like drama out next fall -- "The Following" with Kevin Bacon -- and even though there have already been five films based on Hannibal Lector, the Lifetime network -- of all channels -- is planning yet another television series based around Thomas Harris' characters.


Weekend Preview: Strong Dramas and Great Stand-Up Comedy

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Mad Men (AMC, Sunday) - On this week's episode, Sally Draper burns hundreds of ants to death with a magnifying glass while laughing maniacally, then goes inside and drowns a cat in the bathtub.


Ratings and Renewals: 'New Girl' Renewed, 'GoT' Holds Steady, J Lo Ho Scores

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Here's a quick rundown of some recent ratings and renewals news: Yesterday, Fox <a href="">renewed</a> its Tuesday night lineup, giving "Glee" a fourth season (boo.


Lifetime Shrank Jennifer Love Hewitt's Boobs

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Last week at Warming Glow, we learned two important things: 1) If you say you prefer sausage to bacon, <a href="">you will get YELLED AT</a>, and; 2) Jennifer Love Hewitt is apparently <a href="">a very polarizing figure</a>.


Weekend Preview: Sundays Continue to Rule

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Mad Men (AMC, Sunday) - What if -- and just hear me out here -- the show fast-forwarded 30 years into the future without any explanation and this week's episode was all about Don taking his grandkids to a Boyz II Men concert.


Is Jennifer Love Hewitt the Most Consistently Attractive ‘90s TV Star?

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With all our recent talk of “Mad Men,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Eastbound & Down,” we’ve neglected to inform you that this Sunday is the series premiere of that TV show based on a TV movie about sexxxy massages starring the woman from Heartbreakers’ breasts.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Strips for Her Hooker Mom Show

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Last year, Jennifer Love Hewitt starred in a heinous Lifetime movie called The Client List which was <a href="">described by one critic</a> as "redneck Mad-Libs on acid," while Hewitt was also criticized for a performance that included only three expressions: 1) Crying, 2) Before Crying, and 3) a look that suggested she was pooping in her garters (naturally, she was nominated for a Golden Globe).


What’s On Tonight: Jennifer Love Hewitt Is a Prostitute

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The Client List (Lifetime) -- Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a woman who helps her family make ends meet by getting a job at a massage parlor, only to learn she has a special talent for happy endings.


Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing great

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<a href=""> Recently there was some hubbub and possibly even hullabaloo about Jennifer Love Hewitt <a href="">Watch a preview</a> for the Lifetime original movie "The Client List," starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as a mother who will do whatever it takes to support her family, even the unthinkable.

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