Comedian Dan Nainan Punched A Tweeting Critic In The Face After His Show


According to The Daily Beast's Josh Rogin, comedian Dan Nainan punched him in the face two times for Tweeting criticisms during his set.

#emma stone

Emma Stone Designed Websites Before She Became An Actress. Swoon.

Emma Stone -- already one of the more delightfully GIF-able actresses in Hollywood -- is just flat-out messing with us, and the entire internet, at this point.

tina brown

Horny Frenchman Rushes To Defend Horny Frenchman


When we last checked in on Bernard-Henri Lévy, the French intellectual was showing up late to a party at Tina Brown's house accompanied by Daphne Guinness, his catsuit-wearing mistress, where he bragged about having just come from convincing Nicolas Sarkozy to go war with Libya.

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