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TSS Presents Better Late Than Never Vol. 1

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<a href=""> Time has a not-so-funny way of passing us by. As we, TSS Crew strive to give you our earnest and admittedly, unquestionable opinions on the albums of the day, sometimes even a couple projects slip through our impenetrable reviewing hands. Take a SXSW here and a couple trips to New York there, the missed calls begin to pile up. So as we enter the quarter of our Hip-Hop fiscal year, here's our chance to blow secondhand smoke on some of 2010's offerings. As always, there's <a href="">the good, the bad and the in-between</a>.

We Got Now

DaVinci’s 3,000 Mile Journey

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<a href=""> He doesn't gangbang. He doesn't get hyphy, nor is he planning to teach anyone how to Dougie. The world may not have stood still, but with DaVinci's early 2010 project <a href="">of a similar name</a>, the Fillmore District of California received their cold, yet commanding representation in Hip-Hop.

The Day The Turf Stood Still

DaVinci – “Concrete Jungle Juice” Video

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<a href=""> The other day I was giving <a href="">The Day The Turf Stood Still</a> a listen and was reminded why I gravitated towards the project off an initial listen <a href="">four months ago</a>.

The Day The Turf Stood Still

DaVinci – “Ben” Video

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<a href=""> The Fillmore homie <a href="">DaVinci</a> drops off his second visual off The Day The Turf Stood Still.


A Day In The Life Of DaVinci

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<a href=""> The Fillmore District in the heart of San Francisco was once a cultural mecca dubbed the "Harlem of the West" by the Jazz and Blue's legends that frequented the area. Over the years much has changed, and although the region's not completely unfamiliar across the U.S., the effects of gentrification have nearly erased its storied history. <a href="">DaVinci's</a> memories of the area he was born and raised in during the '80s are stark in contrast to the present-day district.

We Got Now

The DaVinci Code

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The co-signs of <a href="">Maurice Garland</a>, <a href="">Noz</a> and <a href="">Burn One</a> go a long way.

The Day The Turf Stood Still

DaVinci – “Hustler’s Theme”

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Much like the product itself, Hustle/D-Boy Rap is only as good as it's packaged.

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