Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: My Melancholy Week With Descendants of Steampunk Musketeers

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 This week we've got an Oscar winner, a couple Oscar nominees, and a couple Oscar snubs.


SUPERCUT: Every curse word from this year's Best Picture nominees

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The folks at Dhreck.com put together this supercut of all the profanity from this year's best picture nominees.


Minimal Movie Posters For Best Picture Nominees

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I dig me some minimal posters, but usually don't have much of a reason to share outside of, "Oooh, lookie, this Pulp Fiction one is gimp heavy!" And that's normally not enough to build an entire post around (unless there's been some sort of breaking news on gimps, of course).


Best Picture Nominees Get Infographic’d


Apologies for incorporating Clooney-over-the-hedge twice in one day, but I love it a little too much, and I think we can all agree it just works here.

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James Franco reviewed Twilight

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One of the perks of being a famous actor AND having a number of fancy graduate degrees is that you get to write essays about movies for the Paris Review (named for a city Franco himself once dicknosed.

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