The Diplomats

Who Wants To Hear A New Diplomats Mixtape?

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The gang is (allegedly) getting back together.


Jim Jones on Dipset Reunion Album: “It’s Going Down”

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It may be time to pull out your XXXL white tee and Avirex jacket from storage.

What's Beef?

Cam’ron Talks Jay Z Beef, Mase, Dipset Album, ‘Killa Season 2′ & More With The Breakfast Club

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<a href="">Cam’ron</a> finally woke up early enough to sit down with The Breakfast Club this morning and the HNIC of the only movement that was moving in the early to mid 2000s talked everything including the Jay Z beef/non-beef, Mase, trendsetting, his movie deals and a whole lot more.

The Diplomats

Dipset Reunites For ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ 10th Anniversary Concert

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Last night in NYC, the Diplomats gathered with fans at BB King's to celebrate <a href="">the 10-year anniversary</a> of Diplomatic Immunity.


The Diplomats-Roc-A-Fella Breakup: The Just Blaze Version

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<a href=""> On a normal day, all the Dipset nostalgia waxing would be left to Tins but he refused to touch it (||) due to his strong emotional ties and standing in the Byrd Gang fan club. In a recent sit-down with Sway for MTV's RapFix Live, <a href="">Just Blaze</a> talks about the breakup between Roc and the Dips as well as a rather detailed version of his personal falling out with Cam.

The Diplomats

Jim Jones Feat. Juelz Santana – “Perfect Day”

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<a href=""> Dipset fans could potentially hate me for this. But...there is nothing that should stop this song from becoming one of <a href="">Capo's</a> biggest songs to date.


Video: The Dips In The Studio With Dr. Dre

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<a href=""> To be quite frank, nobody cares if the Dips make new music. Their window of opportunity as a collective has probably closed as they've been surpassed by the next batch of trendsetting rappers with "movements" and any output won't compare to what they made together during their peak. Still, it's good to see brothers who had bonds deeper than rap work through and settle their differences, especially after their very public falling out. But seeing Dre in the studio working with the Dips? That's the equivalent of catching the Loch Ness Monster laying it down with Hatfield & McCoy's grandchildren. The good thing about the camera being there along with the fact that all of the Dips are rather boisterous guys means that we might actually get to hear whatever music was made during this session. var VideoID = "5540"; var Width = 540; var Height = 405; H/T: <a href="">Complex</a>.

The Diplomats

8.8 The Cooler

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Victoria Renee Fantasia Has a Sex Tape? [Miss Jia] Camron Says 'Eight, Nine Songs Done' With The Reunited Diplomats [Xclusives Zone] Spike Lee Talks BP Spill & Sean Penn [Deadline] Motor City Coltranes and Midwest Malcolms [Passion Of Weiss] L’il Hockey Brawlers Call A Truce [...].

The Diplomats

You Messin’ With Some Gangstas, Boy

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<a href=""> Good (and bad) things happen in threes. L-Boogie finally decided to end her <a href="">decade long hiatus</a>.


Jim Jones & Cam’ron Take The Converse Band Of Ballers Crown

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<a href=""> Looks like Jim Jones was able to back up <a href="">all the trash</a> he talked leading up to the Converse Band Of Ballers.

#Jay Z

Strength In Numbers?

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Shortly before it hit the net, <a href="">Karen Civil</a> informed me of <a href="">Shad's decision</a> to head over to <a href="">Cash Money</a>.


Hell Rell & His Impeccable Interview Abilities

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Before you say anything, I already know this footage has been out for two weeks.


“Me, Myself & No Santana…”

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It's moments such as these which make Diplomatic Immunity 1 sound that much better.

Throwbacks & Unreleased Exclusives (Presented By Streetsweepers)

“What It Is, What It Used To Be…”

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This week, Cam'ron says there will be <a href="">no Dipset reunion</a> but I'm not buying it.

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