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Watch Michelle Jenneke Perform All The Internet’s Favorite Dance Moves

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When we look back at the milestones moments of 2012, be they sports-related or otherwise, <a href="">Michelle Jenneke</a>'s pre-race wiggle will be the George Washington on the Mount Rushmore that is this confusing metaphor.

the dougie

Michelle Obama Does ‘The Dougie’ & ‘The Running Man’


No matter which way you lean politically, it's so refreshing to have a president and first lady in the White House who are hip, isn't it.


John Wall Really Knows How To Dougie

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<a href=""> Thank god Wall aped on the court last night (29 points, 13 assists, 9 steals, 8 turnovers) or this dance would've been highly criticized by armchair QBs and fantasy owners. Nice home opener for the rook. Still, the Dougie has to rank high as one of the most feminine dances that no man should ever do publicly or in front of a camera. You hear that <a href="">Big Baby</a>.


Braylon Edwards: From The Dougie To DWI

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<a href=""> C'mon Braylon. Let's be serious here. There's no way you could <a href="">still be celebrating</a> your 45 yard, one touchdown performance against the Patroits on Sunday.


Kevin Durant Talks The Dougie, Jay-Z & Wale’s Mixtape

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<a href=""> This Durant guy happens to be one of my favorite NBA players. Watching him expand his game and shoulders to encompass new roles - OKC team leader and now the face of Team USA in the FIBA World Championship - has been refreshing because there's a humbleness about him that's unapparent in other star athletes. And on two occasions now, I've had the opportunity to sit in on press rounds where Durant patiently fielded questions. The first thing you notice about him is he's very reserved, almost uncomfortable with the limelight but understanding that champions and chiefs don't shy away from the focus when it's their turn. At a <a href="">WBF</a> media session, Nick @ <a href="">HardKnockTV</a> filmed this clip as I sat beside him and you could see Durant light up when the talks switched to music, a perkiness emerging in his voice.


Big Baby Davis Can Do The Dougie?

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<a href=""> I'm in too much amazement (and laughter) to really type a post on this. Thankfully, <a href="">With Leather</a> shares the Uproxx umbrella with us so I'll just swipe their pic and credit them for the find.

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