The Dugout Opening Days '12: Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

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No matter how many home runs Josh Hamilton hits or how many <a href="http://www.sportressofblogitude.com/2012/05/09/austrian-newspaper-headline-about-josh-hamilton-refers-to-him-as-ex-junkie-pic/" target="_blank">Austrian newspapers refer to him as an ex-junkie</a> for doing so, the story of the 2012 baseball season thus far has and will continue to be the struggles of Albert Pujols.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Detroit Tigers

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Or, "Dude, yer gettin' arrested for a hate crime".


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Chicago White Sox

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Chicago White Sox righty Philip Humber tossed the 21st perfect game in Major League Baseball history on Saturday, leading the Sox to a 4-0 victory over the Seattle Mariners.


The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Minnesota Twins

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In "piece of information included in passing that we're contractually obligated to cover" news: [Minnesota Twins star Justin] Morneau has been taking infield before every game, and said he also expects to be play some first base before that series in Milwaukee.


The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Washington Nationals

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The Washington Nationals are on top of the NL East after a hot 7-3 start, but that's missing what's important: <a href="http://www.sportressofblogitude.com/2012/04/12/the-strasburger-will-set-you-back-59-at-washington-nationals-games-photo/">Nationals Park is now offering a gross $60 dollar cheeseburger named after Stephen Strasburg</a>.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Baltimore Orioles

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He's not technically a Baltimore Oriole anymore, but when the O's disassociate themselves from you you're an Oriole until proven otherwise.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Miami Marlins

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Ozzie Guillen <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/nationals/marlins-ozzie-guillen-apologizes-for-saying-he-loves-fidel-castro/2012/04/07/gIQAXSnZ2S_story.html" target="_blank">said some bad things</a>.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Pittsburgh Pirates

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Today is day two of The Dugout's 'Opening Days', a celebratory maxi-series (maxi meaning "tampons") that hopes to touch on every Major League team as MLB drags opening day out until July.


The Dugout Opening Days '12: Tampa Bay Rays

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Baseball season is officially upon us, and that means only one thing -- the return of <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/the-dugout" target="_blank">The Dugout</a>, the Internet's longest running and most critically acclaimed webcomic about baseball players with pun screen names pretending to curse at each other over AIM.

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