The Dugout: Frankruptcy!

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The Dodgers are bankrupt, and their situation isn't getting any better.


The Dugout: Meet the UltraMets

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In case you haven't been paying attention to the Mets since last Friday, these are the scores from their last four games, not counting the one in progress as this is being written: 6-25 @Rangers W 14-5 6-26 @Rangers W 8-5 6-28 @Tigers W 14-3 6-29 @Tigers W 16-9 Something crazy is happening to the Mets, and in the world of the Dugout that's a more dangerous topic than "Roger Clemens stabbed somebody in the heart and paid to have it covered up".


The Dugout: Brian Wilson Thinks Sounding Mexican is a Catchphrase

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Hey everybody, there's a party in Brian Wilson's beard and you're invited.


The Dugout: Jim Riggleman is Tired of All This Winning Sh**

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In baseball news that doesn't make a lot of sense, Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman has decided he hates baseball and would rather have no money than less of it.


The Dugout: Meet the Daigles

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Several days ago, With Leather's editor was enough of a women's softball nerd to report that Majorish League pitcher Casey Daigle and Olympic gold medalist Jennie Finch had <a href="">given birth to their second son</a> and named him like a minor league mascot.


The Dugout: Old Man and The Sea

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Major League Baseball in Florida has turned into my family.


The Dugout by Bill Simmons

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Today on With Leather: I wanted to call it "Celebrity Dugout Week.


The Dugout: Nobody is Upset

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If real life carried hashtags, there would be a big <a href="">#whitepeopleproblems</a> at the end of every story about David Ortiz flipping his bat after a home run and pissing off the Yankees.


The Dugout: We Stinks

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Carlos Zambrano has told the Cubs what they already know: <a href="">they stink</a>.

blake lively

Morning Links: Me, For Some Reason

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I'm entering my second month as editor of With Leather, and I don't think the readership totally understands me.


The Dugout: F@#%ing Avril Lavigne

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For absolutely no reason, welcome to our new weekday feature All Avril Afternoons, where Burnsy and I choose to sit inside and write about Avril instead of running around barefoot in the grass and enjoying what's left of our youth.


The Dugout: Buster Posey, 1998-2011

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It's been almost six months in Internet time since Buster Posey went down to a debilitating <a href="">"entire body" injury</a>, and Giants fans want answers.


The Dugout: I’ll Miss You, Macho Man

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<a href="">"Macho Man" Randy Savage died today</a>.


The Dugout: Crooked Hair Club

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Coco Crisp has been a recurring character in <a href="">The Dugout</a> for a number of reasons, including wearing his hat sideways, getting arrested for things and playing for teams of interest (even the Royals).


The Dugout: Indians/Rays Live Blog

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Most of the time The Dugout is intended as comedy, but now that I'm in charge of With Leather I am extremely interested in turning The Dugout into a marketable brand.


The Dugout: Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

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Back in April, the New York Times did a story <a href="">about Mets knuckleballer/lobber R.A. Dickey and his unusually named bats</a>, and while having a bat named after The Hobbit is pretty amazing, it's nowhere near as amazing as the retraction at the bottom.


The Dugout: Cuba, Texas, Same Thing

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The Texas Rangers have been one of my favorite teams for almost as long as I’ve been a fan of baseball.


The Dugout: The Houston Astros’ Keys To Success

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I was talking with Nick the other night, and we determined that the most forgotten team in baseball is either the Toronto Blue Jays or the Houston Astros.

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