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Mark Wahlberg Turned Down ‘Star Trek’ Because He Couldn’t Understand The Script

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Mark Wahlberg explains why he turned down a role in 'Star Trek'. We guess he just didn't feel it, feel it.


7 Christian Bale Movies To See Before “Dark Knight Rises”

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As is the case with most stars of iconic super hero movies, Christian Bale's legacy will always go something like Bruce Wayne first, any other role second.

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Residents of Southie React To Whitey Bulger’s Arrest, Confirm Greatness of ‘The Fighter’


We already know what Tommy from Quinzee thinks of Whitey Bulger's arrest: "I can’t believe they finally gawt him.

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R.I.P., real-life Alice Ward from The Fighter

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I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but death is kind of a bummer.

the fighter

Mark Wahlberg Is More Attractive Than Channing Tatum

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Focus Features released some new stills and TV spots for the upcoming Channing Tatum film, The Eagle.


Fact vs. fiction in The Fighter

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I loved The Fighter, but as I wrote in my review, I thought the actual fight scenes were the weakest parts (NAWT GRITTY ENOUGH, TAWMMY.


Review: The Fightah is NAWT A JUNK BAG, CHAHLENE.

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Oh thank gawd, it feels like it's been three fackin' weeks since I gawt ta offah my two cents on a motion picshah set in my fayah state of Mass.


Uh Oh: $100 million movie earns $7.6, $270 million movie earns $43.6

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This weekend saw the opening of two potential huge blockbusters, Disney's Tron Legacy and, uh.

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Batman Sings the Powerpuff Girls Theme

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At least two awesome things are going to come out of The Fighter, with Mark Wahlberg and Christian "the gawdamn Batman" Bale.


Hahaha, Alice in Wonderland Got a Golden Globe Best Picture Nomination

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The Golden Globe nominations were released today, and I know what you're all thinking: sorry, better luck next year, Channing Tatum.

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The Money Quote from Pete Hammond’s Fighter Article

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Pete Hammond's output as a critic seems to have slowed down a little of late, perhaps due to his job doing "awards coverage" for Deadline.


Mark Wahlberg Eez Guana Fock You Up, Ése

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Continuing a long and storied tradition of actors who fancy themselves fighters because they've trained to play fighters in movies, Mark Wahlberg now says he could take Manny Pacquiao in a fight, assuming conditions were right.

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Christian Bale Hates Rom-Coms, Loves Chris Farley, is My Secret Best Friend

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There was a dark time there, between his on-set tirade (OHHH GOOD FOR YOUUU) and.


“F*ckin’ trees, man.” Marky Mark Admits The Happening Sucked.

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If Hollywood people weren't terrified of offending each other and didn't spend 98% of their press interviews kissing each other's asses, an actor bashing a movie he was in probably wouldn't make news, but here we are.


Mahky Mahk stahs in anothah trailah fa ‘The Bawxah’

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Just when I thawght I'd put this whole fackin'The Town in my reahview, comes 'The Fightah', stahrin Mahky Mahk and Christian Bale.

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