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Here's The First Look At The Full Costume From The CW's Take On 'The Flash'

By | 15 Comments

The CW has released a full look at the costume for their upcoming series based on DC Comics' 'The Flash.'


Here’s A First Peek At The CW’s Flash Costume

By | 36 Comments

'The Flash' has it's Flash costume, and it's pretty classy...


Why DC Comics Is Taking Over The Airwaves

By | 16 Comments

DC Comics has a staggering eight TV series either coming to series or in development. How is DC Comics taking over the airwaves?


‘The Flash’ Adds Another Flash To Its Cast

By | 15 Comments

'The Flash' gets meta with its latest casting news.


‘The Flash’ Casts An Infamous DC Superhero

By | 8 Comments

The Flash's return to TV will apparently include the debut of a superhero DC tried to spend decades forgetting.


‘The Flash’ Casts Two Major Supervillains

By | 11 Comments

'The Flash' is not shy with the supervillains, as a new casting announcement shows.


Former Flash Wally West Will Be Dashing Back To The New 52 Universe This April

By | 9 Comments

Fan favorite Flash Wally West is being willed back into existence by DC...

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The Flash Got Mugged In Canada, Probably By Alpha Flight

By | 3 Comments

A man dressed as the Flash got beaten up in Canada. And it's actually a lot worse than it sounds.


‘The Flash’ Will Get His Own Pilot

By | 12 Comments

'The Flash' won't need 'Arrow' to launch his new show after all.


Your Guide To All The Upcoming DC Comics TV Shows

By | 31 Comments

DC Comics has a lot of TV shows in the works: Here's a look at the ones coming up.


Tom Hanks Wants To Play A Batman Villain. Or The Flash. Hmmmm.

By | 39 Comments

Tom Hanks wants a piece of the superhero movie racket...


Exclusive Preview: ‘Flash’ #23.1: Reverse-Flash

By | 11 Comments

'Flash' #23.1 focuses on the new Reverse-Flash... who might actually have good reason to be so ticked off.


Five Reasons DC Should Build A Television Universe

By | 57 Comments

DC Comics offer some rich fodder for TV shows, and there's a lot of fun to be had with the concept of a DC Television Universe.


Celebrate The Flash’s New TV Series With GIFs

By | 38 Comments

The Flash has a new TV series, and we've got just the GIFs to celebrate.

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Exclusive Preview: 'The Flash' #21

By | 9 Comments

It's Flash versus Kid Flash in our exclusive preview of 'The Flash' #21!


Exclusive Preview: ‘The Flash’ #19

By | 3 Comments

Barry Allen is stuck inside Iron Heights with no speed powers. Good thing he's got a big ol' bag of weapons!


Brian Buccellato And Francis Manapul On ‘The Flash’

By | 7 Comments

The creative team behind 'The Flash' talk about Reverse Flash, the writing process, and how to handle a hero who can always beat you to the punch.

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A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: March 22nd


It's time once again for our Friday comics cosplay feature, casting the spotlight on the best comics related costumery from the cosplay community.


The Justice League Movie Has Its Lineup (what, no Hawkman?!)

By | 42 Comments

The other day we talked about how Marvel Studios was possibly going to screw the pooch <a href="">by casting Adam Sandler to voice Rocket the Raccoon</a> in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the good news to take away from that was that at least Marvel was actually casting.

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