The Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange – “Better” Video


Love in Flying Colors was certainly an under-appreciated gem of 2013.

The Foreign Exchange

My Life According To Phonte Part 4: The Milk’s Gone Bad


When I started this series about Phonte, I knew it'd come to this. This being about the time Tigallo let me down.

The Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange – “Call It Home” Video


The Foreign Exchange debuts the video for their first single "Call It Home," taken from their album Love In Flying Colors, due in stores September 24.

The Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange – “So What If It Is”


While The Foreign Exchange's fourth studio album, Love In Flying Colors, remains in the pipeline, Phonte and Nicolay are getting set to release +FE Music: The Reworks, a two-disc compilation of remixes from Zo.

The Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange – “All Of The Kisses”


The FE team preps to release Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange by giving away "All The Kisses.

The Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange – “The Last Fall” Video


"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.

The Foreign Exchange

Eyes To The Sky


About a year ago, I questioned my faith. I know we're supposed to trust in God's decisions, but I really thought he made the wrong call. The first thing I saw when I cracked open my computer in class last fall was a message from a friend of mine telling me that Ricky was dead. He wasn't doing anything illegal. Wasn't caught up in any troubles that he got himself into. It was just a fluke accident while he was out with his brother and his brother's wife. It was the same group I played spades with until almost breakfast time during the summer after my freshman year of undergrad. That night was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the news. I'd never seen brothers that close and I remember leaving Ricky's house wishing I'd had a brother and praying that if I had two sons they'd be that close. Ricky and I weren't best friends. We didn't share our hopes and dreams with each other, but we always got along and I did consider him a friend. He was the first Black person I met when I went to visit Davidson - which is something that people at all-white schools remember. He also sat with me in the cafeteria after my first hangover to show me how to rehydrate properly in the morning. He even gave me a nickname that I shant repeat, but it stuck with me my whole time in college. His niceness was infectious. His sense of humor was legendary. And his willingness to teach and offer advice or words of wisdom made him a treasure to all of us. And suddenly he was gone. I woke up this morning thinking about him, not realizing it was so close to a year ago since he passed. And, of course, Foreign Exchange has again helped me line up my thoughts.


The Foreign Exchange – “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me”


The Foreign Exchange have definitely hit a stride with their working chemistry, continuing the flow created on their Grammy-nominated Leave It All Behind.

#Kanye West

5.30 The Cooler


Laura Dore Hayley Williams Thanks Fans For Support After Topless Twitpic [MTV] Hollywood Iconoclast Dennis Hopper Dies At 74 [People] The Top 50 Basketball Sneakers Of All Time [Complex] Whatever Happened To Lauryn Hill.


Jam Session VI With The Roots


If it wasn't for The Roots, Hip-Hop's existing poor coverage at the Grammy's would be damn near Third World.


Video: The Foreign Exchange’s Pre-Grammy Acceptance Speech


After a whirlwind past couple of days that began with"Daykeeper" being nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Urban/Alternative Performance (say that fast, three times), The Foreign Exchange finally was able to drop an e-note of thanks & accompanying video for their friends, fans & supporters.

Zo! and Tigallo Love the 80's

The Foreign Exchange – “I Wanna Know” Video


Phonte & Nic present the final installment in the "Take Off The Blues/Valediction" trilogy with "I Wanna Know," directed by Matt Koza.

The Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Feat. Muhsinah – “House Of Cards” Video


I was hung over beyond recognition on Sunday so I decided to smooth it out in my car.

The Foreign Exchange

Video: Foreign Exhange Turns Their Swag On


I keep telling you "purists" that there's a beauty in the song.

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