What Would Our Print Media Look Like If The Avengers Were Real? MediAvengers Investigates.

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If The Avengers existed in real life, they'd usurp the celebrities and athletes in our print media. Mediavengers has photoshopped this version of reality.


The Daily Star Thinks Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Will Be The Next Doctor On ‘Doctor Who’

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A British tabloid reports Paris Jackson, 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, will be the next Doctor on 'Doctor Who'. Oh, British press. Never change.

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After 80 Years, Newsweek’s Troll-y Print Edition Is Dead


Newsweek announced this morning that their December 31st issue of the 80-year-old periodical will be their final print edition.


We Are Still Kraken-Lackin’

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You may have seen several news stories yesterday claiming evidence of the Kraken's existence was sought out even one comment from an outside source in the same field of science, something which is supposed to separate the serious news outlets from us mere bloggers.


The Onion News Network Is The Best News Network


Perhaps the best lambasting of the mainstream media's style of disaster coverage was released yesterday by The Onion News Network.


No, Computers Aren’t Learning How To “Feel Regret”

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ABOVE: Completely relevant picture of high journalistic quality.

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