Amazingly, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Might Get Built


Elon Musk's plan to fire people out of a railgun is actually approved to be tested. Here comes the future!


Has This 18-Year-Old Created The World’s Safest Gun?


Kai Kloepfer has a dream: Ending firearms accidents for good. In the second episode of Luminaries, we see how he'll make it happen.

3D printing

The Most Amazing Things People Have Made With 3D Printers

Promoted by HP

3D printing is already creating amazing things, from violins to racecars.

3D printing

World’s Greatest Husband Used A 3D Printer To Save His Wife’s Eyesight


Michael Balzer used his skills to save his wife from invasive brain surgery. He is automatically a better spouse than you.

Artificial Intelligence

Here’s Why Artificial Intelligence Will Never Kill Us All


Ethical concerns about AI boil down to "The machines will kill us all!" But that will never actually happen: Here's why.

the future

California Is About To Become Home To The Self-Driving Car


The self-driving car may soon have a friendly home in the Golden State.

the future

Your Next Car May House An Android Computing System


The Open Auto Alliance wants to put Android in your car. And it might pull it off.

the future

Watch A Real-Life Rocketeer Fly Around Mt. Fuji At 185 Mph On A Homemade Jetpack


A regular guy made his own jetpack, and holy crap, does it ever work...


Will Google Ever Sell Its Driverless Cars To The Public?


A fake press release tricked many into thinking Google was about to sell driverless cars... but could that actually happen?

the future

‘Hyperloop': Elon Musk’s Plan To Reinvent Trains By Turning Them Into Railguns


Want to be thrown at Los Angeles at 600 mph? Elon Musk's Hyperloop might make it happen.

the future

Ouliang Chang Would Like To Build A Supercomputer On The Moon


OK, science, why are we not building a supercomputer on the moon right now?

the future

Hover Boards Are Real!

Just when you give up on your dream of one day owning a hover board, a brilliantly executed fake commercial comes along and gets your hopes back up again.


IBM’s Five Predictions for the Next Five Years: How Likely Are They?

Every year, IBM does a "Five in Five": they look at current technology and where it's headed, and make an educated guess or two about what we're going to see within five years.


This Is How The Internet Will Make Out In The Future, Sadly

Oh now this is just depressing: If you think the idea of french kissing someone over the internet with a robotic tongue is kind of gross, go outside and enjoy your afternoon.

Young Buck

Young Buck & The Future – Back For The Streets Mixtape


Words By Prop Jay Buck's new tape is out and it's entirely produced by The Future.

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