Did Taco Bell Make A Secret Gay-Themed Breakfast Commercial? (UPDATED)

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This looks like an unaired gay-themed Taco Bell commercial... but is it real?


TLC Is Once Again Raising The Bar With A New Special About ‘Straight’ Guys Who Are Attracted To Men

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TLC is airing a special in January called 'My Husband's Not Gay' that focuses on gay men in Utah married to straight women.

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As Expected, Buddy Cole And ‘The Colbert Report’ Pissed Off The Police In Sochi

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Scott Thompson's Buddy Cole character was not a hit with Sochi police, who didn't seem to appreciate the gag from 'The Colbert Report.'


An IOC Member Is Pissed At America For Sending ‘Four Lesbians’ To The Olympics

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Italy's Mario Pescante can't believe America would send 'four lesbians' to the Sochi Olympics instead of just letting the media handle the political stuff.

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Phil Robertson From ‘Duck Dynasty’ In A 2010 Speech: Gay People Are ‘Ruthless’ And ‘Full Of Murder’

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The comments came during a speech at the Wild Game Supper at the Berean Bible Church in Pennsylvania.

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Of Course ESPN's Chris Broussard Said Something Dumb About Jason Collins. Of Course.

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ESPN's Chris Broussard believes that Jason Collins revealing that he's gay is an "open rebellion to God."


Cowboys.Com Now A Gay Dating Site, Still More About Football Than Browns.Com

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The Dallas Cowboys have mastered The Internet, but not in the way they'd intended.

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Turns Out Grindr Didn’t Crash Because Of The Olympics Gaypocalypse

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The fun of any Olympics is political subplots, as politicians, special interest groups, and various mouth-breathing hate mongers can use the global focus of this gathering of the world’s greatest athletes as a chance to draw attention to themselves.

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‘Sh*t Gay Guys Say’ Sounds About Right


A gay friend of mine posted this -- a video response to the "Sh*t Girls Say" Twitter thing, to Facebook last night with the note, "This is absolutely perfect.

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Fat Joe Takes A Stand For The Gay People In The Hip-Hop World, Hilariously


The not as fat as he used to be Fat Joe has weighed in (no pun intended) on the issue of homosexuals in hip-hop, you guys.


Awwww, That’s Sweet

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Last night on ABC's "World News Now," anchor Dan Kloeffler was reporting how actor Zachary Quinto came out of the closet in a magazine interview.

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Here’s How Disney Should Have Made ‘Beauty And The Beast’


When you stop and think about it, just about every Disney animated movie would have been much better if all of the voices were done by exceedingly flaming gay men.

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GLAAD Gives ABC Family 'Excellent' Marks for Being Gay

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Every year, GLAAD does a study to see which of the networks and primary cable channels portray lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters.


The Rise and Fall of The Morning Links


Sports Video: The Rise and Fall of LeBron James - As a serious journalist on the Internet, I am only interested in the "falling" parts.


So, the Tonys Happened.

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I've got nothing against Broadway or musical theater, but I'm just not the right audience for the Tony Awards, which aired last night while I was tuned into "Game of Thrones" and the deciding game of the NBA Finals.


Tracy Morgan Is Sorry

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It seems like just this morning that "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan was being condemned for his "jokes" about how homosexuals choose to be gay and how he'd stab his son to death if he talked like a queer.

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Tracy Morgan Does Not Like the Gays

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Tracy Morgan has made a career of appearing unhinged and saying crazy crap, but his stance on homosexuality has put him in hot water.


NBA Round-Up: Rick Welts Is Out


Haha, no I don't mean that Rick Welts has been fired, sillies.


Which Baseball Manager Called Fans A Gay Slur? (Updated)

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UPDATE: Turns out it was Roger McDowell, former New York Mets closer and second spitter on the grassy knoll.

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