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Hey, You. Why Aren’t You Watching ‘The Good Wife’?

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In which we prepare you for Season 6 of "The Good Wife" by telling you to WATCH "THE GOOD WIFE."


Your Guide To This Fall’s Sunday Night TV Schedule Free-For-All

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Sunday nights this fall are a scheduling clusterf*ck. There are at least six (6!) shows worth watching at 9 p.m. alone.


Josh Charles Called A Devastated Retta From 'Parks And Rec' To Console Her After 'The Good Wife'

By | 2 Comments

After the shocking event in this last week's episode of 'The Good Wife,' at least Retta had the perfect person to comfort her.


Josh Charles Tells Letterman The Behind The Scenes Details Of His Shocking Exit From 'The Good Wife'

By | 11 Comments

We're aware of Josh Charles' shocking revelation from 'The Good Wife,' but he stopped by 'Letterman' to reveal exactly how it was a secret for over a year.

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Who? Her? The Most Forgettable Ann Veals Of 10 Other Television Shows

By | 41 Comments

A collection of barely memorable characters from otherwise memorable series: The Ann Veals of Modern TV.


What Happened In 'The Good Wife' Episode That Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over?

By | 34 Comments

Everyone is losing their minds over last night's "The Good Wife." Here's why.


September 29th Is Going To Be A Murderous Night Of Television

By | 23 Comments

September 29th, the night of the "Breaking Bad" series finale, is going to be a jam-packed night of television.


Not Great, Bob!: Great Television Actors in Completely Thankless Roles

By | 50 Comments

The under-appreciated and great television actors upon which others gain their awards recognition.


The Kinky ‘Good Wife’ Scene Involving Ice Cream And Fingers Is Here (And The Morning Links)

By | 9 Comments

Watch the beautiful Archie Panjabi doing something very naughty with her ice cream, and the rest of the Morning Links.


This ‘X-Rated’ ‘The Good Wife’ Scene Is Going To Upset So Many Grandparents

By | 18 Comments

Archie Panjabi will be part of an X-rated scene on "The Good Wife" involving ice cream.


‘The Good Wife’ Season 4 Promo Gets Rough With The Foreplay (And The Morning Links)


Season four promo of 'The Good Wife' features a lot of Kalinda, plus highlights from around the web.


The 10 Best Episodes of the 2011-2012 Network Television Season

By | 35 Comments

Now that the end of the network season has arrived, I thought it would be fun to catalog the ten best episodes of the network season (again, note the word "Network," which excludes shows on HBO, FX, AMC, and Showtime).


CBS's Fall Schedule Is Still Pleasing to Your Doddering Old Grandparents

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FACT: The average age of a CBS viewer if 55 years old, and that even takes into account the younger age of "Big Bang Theory" and "2 Broke Girls" viewers, so if you take those two sitcoms out of the equation, the average age of a CBS viewer is probably pushing 60.


Weekend Preview: 'Girls' Premieres, 'Eastbound & Down' Ends

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Girls (HBO, Sunday) - I am definitely looking forward to this new comedy, created by Tiny Furniture's Lena Dunham and produced by Judd Apatow, but JESUS PETE do people like writing about it.


TV GIFs of the Week (with Extra 'Community')

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We're still waiting to hear how “Community” did last night ratings-wise, but no matter the answer, the numbers will be slightly skewed (for the better).


Discussion and Poll: What Sunday Night Shows Do You Watch?

By | 41 Comments

Sunday night is both one of my favorite and least favorite nights of television.


TheReplyGirl's Boobs Discuss 'Game of Thrones' (and the Morning Links)

By | 8 Comments

If you're not familiar with TheReplyGirl, check out this <a href="http://gawker.com/5889759/weird-internets-how-thereplygirls-breasts-earned-her-youtube-death-threats">Gawker profile</a>.


Weekend Preview: ‘Chuck’ Go Bye Bye

By | 23 Comments

Chuck (NBC, Friday) - "Chuck" never got a lot of coverage around here, but it did have a weirdly devoted fanbase who stuck with it through a number of schedule changes.

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