‘Star Wars’ And Other Comics Of Note, February 4th

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Vader gets angry and Luke gets a speeder bike in the second issue of 'Star Wars.' Plus a look at this week's other notable comic books.


‘Prometheus,’ ‘Batgirl,’ And Other Comics Of Note, December 10th

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We look at the notable comics on the stands for December 10th.


6 Series From Dark Horse Comics You Should Be Buying (Aside From Hellboy)

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A week ago I wrote an article highlighting six titles worth buying amongst Image Comics' large and confusing catalogue, so I thought I'd follow up this week with Dark Horse.


“Goon” Test Footage Is Awesome, Depressing


"The Goon" is one of the best comics of the last ten years.


The Goon Battles Sparkly Twilight Vampires And Their Fans


Today's issue of paranormal comic The Goon (written by Eric Powell and colored by Dave Stewart) will take on sparkly boy band vampires and their fans.



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The only thing Hollywood Execs love more than cocaine are comic books, and the only thing they love more than comic books are zombies.

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