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Josh Brolin Filled His Reddit AMA With The Goonies And Thrashin’ News We Needed

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Josh Brolin did a Reddit AMA, ignored 'Sin City 2' for anecdotes about 'The Goonies', leopard print thongs, George W. Bush, and more.

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Hey, You Guys! Here Are 12 Things You Might Not Know About ‘The Goonies’

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True Goonies never say die and their legend lives on in obscure movie trivia.


Richard Donner Says That Steven Spielberg Wrote A Story For The ‘Goonies’ Sequel

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After saying that he wants to reunite the original cast, Richard Donner admitted that Steven Spielberg already has a story for 'Goonies 2.'


Richard Donner Is Now Spreading Rumors About A Possible ‘Goonies’ Sequel With The Original Cast

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Richard Donner was just signing autographs and out of nowhere he brings up a sequel to 'The Goonies.'


Why Not Let This Video — 'Everything Wrong With The Goonies' — Ruin 'The Goonies' For You

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'Everything Wrong With Goonies In 8 Minutes Or Less' will attempt to ruin your favorite childhood movie for you.


Sweaty? Too Rich To Care? Wipe Your Face With A Fifty Dollar Bill

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Feeling poor? Watch this rich a-hole at Ireland's Galway Races wipe his face off with a fifty dollar bill.


Brave, Dumb Soul Takes Selfies Of His Face Exploding From An Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye

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If your face balloons to comical proportions while putting on hair dye due to an allergic reaction, seek medical help, or take photos for our amusement.


And Now, The Smooth Sounds Of Vitor Belfort


If there's one thing I'd like to see at UFC on FX 7: Belfort vs.


7.27 The Cooler

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