Here Are The Grammy Nominees For ‘Best Rap Album’

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The Grammys announces "Best Rap Album" nominees.

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Macklemore Explains How He Thinks “Kendrick Got Robbed” By The Grammys

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"You never want to be the person that is robbing somebody else."


Here’s The Ultimate Taylor Swift Fan Reaction To Taylor Swift Not Winning Album Of The Year

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Taylor Swift wasn't the only who thought she won Album of the Year. And now her fans are directing their feelings at Daft Punk.


The 10 Most Important GIFs From The 2014 Grammy Awards

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Not everything is important enough to be immortalized in GIF form. Here are ten things from The Grammys that most definitely were.


Madonna Was Clearly Paying Tribute To ‘Motherboy’ From ‘Arrested Development’ At The Grammys, You Guys

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You know Lucille Bluth would have also grilled up if meant a legit shot at another Balboa Bay Window cover.

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Daft Punk, Pharrell And Stevie Wonder Killed The Grammys With “Get Lucky”

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Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers, Daft Punk & Stevie Wonder

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The Grammy Voters Didn’t Want Macklemore And Ryan Lewis In The Rap Category Either?


Well it looks like someone at the Recording Academy has been reading the TSS comment section.


In Case You Were Wondering, Chris Brown Is Still The Absolute Worst

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An admission: I really go out of my way to avoid thinking about Chris Brown at all because merely thinking about Chris Brown is bad for the soul.


TV GIFs of the Week

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It’s tough writing intros for this feature, so let’s briefly discuss (without any major spoilers) last night's “The Walking Dead” instead.


UPROXX 2012 Grammy Awards Open Thread

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A few days ago I was trying to think of a good guest from within the music industry to come in and hang with us for a couple of hours on Sunday night for the Grammy Awards -- someone on par with the excellent guests we've had come in for the<a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tag/archer/"> Archer open thread/live blog thingies</a> we've been doing.

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Grammy Nominee Lyrics Get Infographic’d

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Our <a href="http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2012/02/grammy-nominees-for-best-record-and-album-in-infographics.html#" target="_blank">friends at Vulture</a> whipped up a bunch of fun infographics related to Grammy nominated artists as a reminder that the Grammys are this weekend, and to poke fun at some nonsensical lyrics.

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CBS Still Hilariously Using The Grammy-Hating Bon Iver To Promote The Grammys


As <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/music/2011/12/it-might-be-a-little-awkward-if-bon-iver-winds-up-winning-a-grammy/">we've noted previously</a>, Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, loathes the Grammy Awards with the intensity of a million white-hot suns.

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