Supercut: All The Times Leo DiCaprio Says 'Old Sport' In 'The Great Gatsby'


Back in May, I tweeted, "Has anyone made a supercut of all the times Leo DiCaprio says "old sport" in The Great Gatsby yet?" Well, someone finally did.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray: The Great Gatsby’s Pain & Gain

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Stop fixating on the fact that Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio are the only people in that picture without hats -it's time to celebrate this week's new DVDs.


Both ‘The Great Gatsby’ Movies Combined, NBC’s ‘She-Ra’, And Other Mashups

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Featured mashup videos, including both 'The Great Gatsby' movies combined, 'She-Ra' as a sitcom, the Millennium Falcon in GTA IV, and 'Breaking Bad' in the '90s.


Reading Is Hard, So Here Are Some Ultra-Condensed Versions Of Literary Classics

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Sometimes reading 350-page novel is just too much work. And Cliff Notes can also be a pain. Thankfully, there's Book-A-Minute Classics!


The Great Catsby


How do you make The Great Gatsby more appealing to the modern Internet.


Box Office: Gatsby earns $50 mil as Tyler Perry’s latest bombs. Horseman of apocalypse throws shoe?

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This statement has a lot of caveats, but we'll ignore them for now because it's a fun story: this weekend, a film adaptation of the great American novel earned more than $50 million on the same weekend a Tyler Perry-produced romantic comedy earned less than $5 million.


Watch 1974’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ Recut Like 2013’s ‘Gatsby 2 The Streets’


Watch "The Great Gatsby" recut from 1974 made to look like the new version, from 2013.


Weekend Movie Guide: Give Tyler Perry More Money For ‘Peeples’

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Opening Everywhere: Peeples, The Great Gatsby Opening Somewhere, Maybe: Aftershock Opening Probably Nowhere: Assault on Wall Street FilmDrunk Suggests: Head down to your local library and check out some old Choose Your Own Adventure books.


REVIEW: Did Baz Luhrmann forget what The Great Gatsby was about or did I?

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I get the feeling most people view The Great Gatsby, of which they remember the title, the author, a few lines, and not much else, through the lens of their childhood, something Important, in black and white, like an old photograph.


‘The Colbert Report’ Went Full ‘Great Gatsby’ Last Night, It Was Predictably Glorious

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Colbert's template to how to dedicate your late night show to new movie promotion without insulting your audience.

#Jay Z

Jay-Z Plays Tom To Leonardo DiCaprio's Mary In '100$ Bill' From 'Gatsby' Soundtrack

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Hear Jay-Z's "100$ Bill" from "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack, with assistance from Leonardo DiCaprio.

#Jay Z

Jay-Z – “$100 Bill”

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At the very least, The Great Gatsby will have a phenomenal score.


Here’s Beyoncé And André 3000’s Amy Winehouse Cover For ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack

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Hear Beyoncé and André 3000's cover of Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" for "The Great Gatsby."


Beyonce & Andre 3000 – “Back To Black”

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We finally get to hear Beyonce and Andre 3000's cover Amy Winehouse's classic record "Back To Black.

the xx

The xx – “Together”

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We all might be a little tired of The Great Gatsby trailers.

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Hear Lana Del Rey’s Contribution To ‘The Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack, ‘Young & Beautiful’

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Listen to "Young & Beautiful," Lana Del Rey's contribution to the "Great Gatsby" soundtrack.


The Great Gatsby is Spring Breakers (This Week in Posters)

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The other day when I posted the Fergie song on the Great Gatsby soundtrack, I couldn't shake the feeling that The Great Gatsby would be the non tongue-in-cheek Spring Breakers.


The ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack Sampler Has Arrived

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Here is a sampler of the soundtrack to The Great Gatsby -- arguably the most-hyped movie of 2013 -- featuring each song in 30 second increments.


Well of course Fergie has a song on The Great Gatsby soundtrack

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Baz Luhrmann is the guy who directed Moulin Rouge and that Romeo and Juliet movie set in a Miami-ish gangster universe where the bad guys all wore Hawaiian shirts and called their guns "swords" (I actually kind of liked that one), so it should come as no surprise that his version of The Great Gatsby looks approximately like a disco ball f*cked a rainstick.

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New ‘Great Gatsby’ Trailer Showcases Star-Studded Soundtrack

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From the looks of this trailer, The Great Gatsby will be one of the year's cinematic highlights.

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