The Illustrious

STS – “FLY” (Prod. By Ski Beatz)


Atlanta-to-Philadelphia poet-turned pimp-turned super-emcee extraordinaire STS decided to go the extra mile and drop a deluxe version of his latest free album The Illustrious.

The Illustrious

STS – “Cliche” Video

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With intent to capitalize off the people who don't understand the song is a gimmick, STS has released an extremely enjoyable visual for his raucous single, "Cliche.


Video: STS – Toca Tuesdays Frestyle


STS wasted no time after releasing The Illustrious to make his rounds with some free exhibition of his styles on Tony Touch's Toca Tuesdays.


STS – The Illustrious LP

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Up onto this point, STS has by far exceeded the expectations for a hungry rapper.


STS Feat. Count Justice – “WWW”

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When comes to living life to the fullest, STS keeps it simple, stupid.


STS Feat. Yelawolf – “Hello Sunshine”

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It's a pretty risky have Yelawolf featured on a track these days as Bama's favorite son has been ripping his guest appearances to shreds.

The Knux

STS – “Cliché” (Prod. By The Knux)

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Ignorance is bliss and STS goes straight dumb on "Cliché" over a bouncy backdrop courtesy of The Knux.

We Got Now

STS – “The Interview” (Prod. By Alchemist)

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Dear STS Newcomer, As a literary scholar, gentleman and soul mic controller, Sugar Tongue Slim wants you know exactly who you are dealing with.

The Illustrious



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