The Pursuit LP

The ILLZ – “Dark Side Of The Room” Video


We've already tried to explain to you what makes The ILLZ so unique: his dark music, deep, borderline mysterious voice, and focused subject matter all make for quite the cinematic listening experience.

YC The Cynic

Coming Attractions: L.E.P. Bogus Boys Live In NYC

Need something to do in NYC next Wednesday.

The Illz

The ILLZ – “To Know Your Place In The Universe”


No time to rest when you're trying to be a legend.


A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition


Ever since Meka moved to New York, game got real. Our homies over at the (2)Dopehouse show their love and appreciation for the Big Apple rap circuit with their mixtape A (2)Dope Mixtape: Empire State Edition.

The Illz

The ILLZ – “Dreams Of Life & Beth” Video


Creative angles for artists online continue to cover new ground (as they should) and The ILLZ is looking to follow suite. On August 17th, the In Between Video Series will be available in audio and video form. Nearly every song in this project consists of one verse with no chorus, with the exception of this particular visual right here. For a more in-depth look, here's what filmmaker Kristopher Rey-Talley had to say: When The ILLZ approached me about the "In Between Video series", I was struck by the simple brilliance of it all. Releasing video and song simultaneously, as one piece of content, was a bold and strong move. I signed on immediately, and within a few days, we began shooting the first few videos. Simple, often low concept, but brimming with ILLZ insistence on cinematic imagery. With "Dreams of Life & Beth", I decided to go with a very cold, morbid look. The song is introspective and haunting, and I wanted to convey that through a simplistic set of visuals. Shooting on the Manhattan bridge at 5:30 am, we got that clean ambient light, and complete desertion. Everything was shot on long lenses, creating a sense of deep space and complete loneliness. The video is a mood piece, low on concept but high on artistry and emotion. It is but the first chapter in a varied, complex and beautiful set of upcoming videos, one unlike that of any artist I've worked with thus far. For even more info, visit

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