captain america: civil war

William Hurt Drops Some Hints About His ‘Much Different Ross’ In ‘Captain America: Civil War’


Will William Hurt become the Red Hulk in 'Captain America: Civil War?' A new interview hints at some changes for the film.

Planet Hulk

Is Universal Pictures Preventing Marvel From Making A Standalone ‘Hulk’ Movie?


Mark Ruffalo continues to talk about the possibility of another Hulk standalone movie.


Here’s The Schedule For The 27-Hour Marvel Movie Marathon That Ends With ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’


AMC, Regal, and Cinemark are all hosting special marathon and double-feature events to help usher in the release of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'.

#Seth Meyers

Bobby Moynihan Met Chris Christie On ‘SNL’ While Dressed As The Incredible Hulk


Bobby Moynihan probably has the coolest photograph with Gov. Chris Christie that you'll ever see.


Triple H Is The New Voice Of The Incredible Hulk Because Spider-Man Is A Lazy Millenial


Triple H gets to play the Incredible Hulk,and yell at Hank Pym for being a B+ player or something.


Tim Roth Says Abomination Was Originally Supposed To Be In ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’


Tim Roth gave a great interview on 'Selma', Marvel's plans with his character from 'The Incredible Hulk', and rapping with Tupac Shakur.

the incredible hulk

Watch David Banner Be So Lonely In This ‘Incredible Hulk’ Supercut


It's not easy being green and filled with rage, as this 'Incredible Hulk' supercut shows us.

#Ant Man

‘Ant-Man’ Has Already Leaked An Easter Egg From The Marvel Cinematic Universe


'Ant-Man' has just started shooting and there's already a clever little nod to a previous Marvel film.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

Our Scientific And Definitive Rankings Of All The Marvel Movies, Updated To Include ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’


Guardians of the Galaxy opens tomorrow, and it looks to most people different enough from Marvel's past offerings (it has a talking tree in it, for instance) that it could either be a shark jump or a blood transfusion for the studio.

Why Was The Incredible Hulk At The Cubs Game Last Night?


Why was the Hulk at the Cubs game and why was he catching foul balls?


Who Hulked It More Incredibly: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Or Antonio 'Big Foot' Silva?


There were obviously a lot of athletes dressed up for Halloween over the past several days, which makes it incredibly difficult to choose who, out of thousands, had the best costume.


What If Your Favorite Superheroes Were Manatees?

Deviant Art has long been one of my favorite time-wasting Internet wormholes, from the insanity of Kate Upton fan art to the awesomeness of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor.

#Iron Man

Marvel's Phase One Box Set: Me Want This Now, Please Thanks


In case anyone is paying attention to potential Christmas gift wish lists, the plans for the release of Marvel’s The Avengers on DVD and Blu Ray were released today and comic book fans can go ahead and slap on a diaper for this one.


Time For an Incredible Intervention — Now The Hulk’s Robbing Banks

Bad news for Hulk fans hoping the big green guy would be able to pull off an incredible life transformation -- it seems the emerald giant has gone from drug dealer to bank robber.


Scandal! Incredible Hulk Caught Selling Drugs in England

Bad news Marvel maniacs -- it seems as though the Incredible Hulk has allowed his anger at the world to turn him towards drug dealing.


Hooligan Hulk & Gang Go On Real Life Rampage


Pop quiz, hotshot: what do you get when you mix a bunch of U.

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