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What John Oliver And His Army Of Trolls Are Getting Wrong About Net Neutrality

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John Oliver means well, but he, and the rest of the pro-net-neutrality team, are getting the argument completely wrong.

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Facebook Will Soon Launch Satellites To Make Sure Everyone On Earth Has Access To Facebook


Facebook will soon have an entire air fleet to bring Facebook to the starving people of the world. You know, instead of something they can use.


MIT Is Building A ‘GIF Translator’ Called GIFGIF

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Ever wondered what a GIF really mean? That's what GIFGIF is here to tell you.


These Beautifully Stupid Computer-Generated Fake Headlines Are As Believable As Real Ones


Headline Smasher generates fake headlines from real ones, and the results are absurd, gibberish, sometimes hilarious, and surprisingly poetic.

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Rick Pitino Thinks You Should Get Off The Twitter And Start Living Your Life, You Loser

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Rick Pitino doesn't care for social media, and thinks that people who read it are underachievers. MY COLUMN:


Humans Are The Minority When It Comes To Internet Traffic


Internet traffic is not controlled by the humans. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Thanks To A New Electrode, You Can Now Taste The Internet

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A new electrode allows you to digitally simulate taste. Oh, yeah, this will end well.

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Pew Research Center Discovers Cranky Old People Hate The Internet

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The Pew Research Center calls them "offline adults", but let's face it; most of them are angry old people.


Awful People Are Using The Internet To Unload Unwanted Children

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It's called "re-homing", but it's really using the Internet to get rid of that kid you don't want any more.

Nicholas Carr

This Is Your Brain On Internet: A Video Illustrating How The Web Is Altering Your Mind

By | 7 Comments

Nicholas Carr believes the internet is harming our brains. Here's an illustrated video detailing how it's doing so.


The Left-Wing Elitist Media Whatever Guide To Jason Collins Coming Out

By | 77 Comments

NBA center Jason Collins came out today via magazine cover (the best way to come out, I think, if you have that luxury), and I encourage you to read everything you can about it.

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Twitter, Anti-Semitism, And A Quietly Important Free Speech Case

By | 14 Comments

Twitter runs afoul of French law... but does French law apply? Should it? Inside a tricky and potentially Internet-changing case.


European Politicians Block Emails From Citizens Irate Over Proposed Porn Ban

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Remember the European Union porn ban? Apparently elected officials are taking the "LA LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU!" approach to citizen comments on the topic.

i see this ending in fire

Hitting The Wrong Target: Why A Well-Meaning Smut Ban Is A Bad Idea

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The EU has excellent reason to want to more tightly regulate the sex industry. Their proposal to remove it from the Internet, though, won't do the trick.


This Coin Is Doing More To Stay In Shape Than You Are


A guy putting a coin on a treadmill and filming it for an hour (.


The Internet Saved A ‘Gay Dog’ From Being Put Down By Its Gay-Hating Owner

By | 4 Comments

A dog owner in Tennessee had her male dog banished to a kill shelter because she caught it humping another male dog. Yeah.


Welcome To The Internet, Manti Te’o

By | 21 Comments

The story of Manti Te'o and his fake girlfriend may be the single most mind-bending story I've encountered in my lifetime.


Google+ Adds Zoom Function To Its Pictures


Google+ is letting you zoom in on high resolution pictures, without having to use Photoshop for once.

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This Dan Harmon Speech On The Death Of Television Is A Must-Watch

By | 11 Comments

Dan Harmon gave a keynote speech on the death of television at XOXO Festival, and it is a must-watch.


A Definitive Gallery Of Your Favorite City’s Sports Team Logos Combined

By | 30 Comments

Often times, when I’m doing my morning interwebbrowsinggooglebingtumbletweet routine and sucking down 6 gallons of coffee, I’ll stumble across a picture or video that’s really cool, and I’ll be like, “Hey, the With Leather readers might like this” and then I realize that it’s three years old and it’s already been watermarked by 60 sites that had nothing to do with making it.

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