What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week: The Final Season Of A Divisive Drama

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The latest additions, expirations, and news pertaining to Netflix's TV catalogue.


The Trailer For The Final Season Of ‘The Killing’ Looks Intensely Terrific

By | 14 Comments

The final six episodes of 'The Killing' will explore the fallout from season three.


Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The Final Season Of ‘The Killing’ On Netflix

By | 9 Comments

Who's in the cast? How will the show be different on Netflix? And what kind of case will be investigated?


‘The Killing’ Simply Refuses To Die

By | 20 Comments

We wish we could appreciate the irony in a show titled "The Killing" refusing to die, but we just can't.

the killing

Before Making The Next Gritty Crime Drama, There’s One Show That Every Showrunner Should Watch

By | 34 Comments

If crime serial dramas are going to emulate another show, instead of 'The Killing,' they should look at NBC's 'Life.'

the killing

If You Could Only Pick One, Which Summer Crime-Serial Drama Should You Watch?

By | 39 Comments

The summer is rife with crime-serial dramas. At the risk of burning out on them, we help you to choose the right ONE for you.


Weekend Preview: The Most Improved Show Of The Year Ends Its Season, And Maybe Its Series

By | 19 Comments

The season, and possibly series' finale of 'The Killing' is the weekend's big highlight.


Weekend Preview: I Kid You Not, AMC's 'The Killing' Is Good Again

By | 19 Comments

'The Killing' is finally the show we'd hoped it would become. Seriously.

the killing

Did You Catch The Cute ‘Firefly’ Reference In The Season Premiere Of ‘The Killing’?

By | 18 Comments

It may not be reason enough to watch 'The Killing,' but the addition of Peter Sarsgaard may help.


'The Killing' Will Solve The Next Murder In One Season. They Promise.

By | 12 Comments

Executive producer Veena Sud says the murder that takes place at the beginning of Season 3 of "The Killing" will be solved by the end.

the killing

‘The Killing’ Will Return To AMC For Season 3 In May

By | 12 Comments

AMC's "The Killing" is officially back from the dead, and will return for season 3 in May.


‘The Walking Dead': Battle Of Woodbury Teaser Trailer (And The Morning Links)

By | 5 Comments

A glimpse at the Battle of Woodbury from the second half of 'The Walking Dead's' third season, plus highlights from around the web.

the new yorker

The New Yorker Explores How And Why Danish TV Is So Awesome

By | 18 Comments

The New Yorker on how shows like The Killing -- the original version, BTW, not the sh*t-sandwich AMC served us -- have become so good and popular worldwide.

#the newsroom

The 10 Best TV Shows To ‘Hate Watch’ From 2012

By | 87 Comments

A list of TV shows and people from 2012 we had the most fun hate watching in 2012.


‘The Killing’ Is Returning To TV…On AMC

By | 10 Comments

Oh boy, fans of rain and self-seriousness rejoice: "The Killing" is back.


‘The Killing’ Uncanceled. Damnit (And The Morning Links)

By | 4 Comments

Ugh. AMC is set to bring back 'The Killing,' thanks to Netflix, plus highlights from around the web.


AMC Cancels ‘The Killing’

By | 17 Comments

After two seasons, dozens of red herrings, and gallons upon gallons of fake rain, AMC has decided to cancel "The Killing."

the killing

Spoiling 'The Killing' Finale: Revealing the Murderer of Rosie Larsen

By | 50 Comments

"The Killing" crashed to a absurd, comical conclusion last night, finally revealing who the murderer(s) of Rosie Larsen, capping a second season that in no way redeemed the awful, maddening season finale of the first.

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