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TIL: Ratings-Wise, How Do Your Favorite Basic Cable Shows Stack Up Against Each Other?

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Television websites like WarmingGlow and others cater to a very specific, and relatively small, audience.


POLL: 'The Killing' Is Set to Return in Two Weeks. Will You Watch It?

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All the excitement about the return of spring shows has, understandably, centered on "Mad Men" and "Game of Thrones.


TV In 2012 Is Going to Be Awesome

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First the you-have-to-be-kidding-me news: AMC announced this weekend that "The Killing," the show that made it possible for Denmark to bomb us with reasonable cause, will return on April 1.


Dear ‘The Killing’: You Can Go Straight to Hell

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"The Killing" debuted on AMC last spring with one of the better pilot episodes in recent memory: It introduced a investigation, gave us a grisly murder, and provided plenty of potential suspects.

the killing

AMC Renews ‘Hell on Wheels,’ Now 38 Percent More Dull

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Despite losing roughly one half of its audience over the course of its first season so far, AMC has renewed their Western, "Hell on Wheels," for a second season.

Fan-Made AMC Promo Can’t Hide The Inadequacy Of ‘The Killing’


I think I'm one of the few people that actually liked AMC's The Killing, though I agree with pretty much everyone that the season finale was the worst thing since unsliced bread.


Veena Sud Isn’t Helping

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As the showrunner for "The Killing," Veena Sud adapted a massively successful Scandinavian show for an American audience, and for a while her show received critical praise for its careful pace and dark mood.


The Ten Worst Answers for ‘Best Show on Television’

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There's a never-ending -- and problematic -- discussion about the "best show on television.


‘Game of Thrones’ Great; ‘The Killing’ Bad; ‘Falling Skies’ Watchable

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Game of Thrones (HBO) ended its captivating first season with a wailing guitar solo of a final image: a hot naked chick mothering three dragon hatchlings.


AMC Renews ‘The Killing’

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AMC has renewed "The Killing" for a second season.


Weekend Preview: Finales & Ed Helms

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Smallville (The CW, Friday) - I am giving this top billing for three reasons.

game of thrones

Weekend Preview: Holy Crap, It’s Good

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Treme (HBO, Sunday) - The season two premiere follows "Game of Thrones.


Who Did It Better: Original or Remake?

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Editor's Note: Warming Glow is not responsible for any riots caused the author's preference for the Velvet Underground over the Beatles.


‘The Killing’ Is Making Headlines

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"The Killing" looks to be a solid new hit for AMC: ratings the stories is: SEA OTTER SPOTTED EATING IN LOCAL CAFE; PATRONS STUNNED BY VISITOR.


People Love New Spring TV

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Four new high-profile scripted cable series began last weekend -- Starz's "Camelot," Showtime's "The Borgias," AMC's "The Killing," and Reelz Channel's miniseries "The Kennedys" -- and all four came away with impressive ratings for their respective channels, a sign that HBO's "Game of Thrones" will likely premiere to huge numbers on April 17th.


‘The Killing’ Looks Kind of Excellent

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AMC is looking to continue its success with original dramatic series with "The Killing," a murder mystery that premieres with a  two-hour episode on Sunday, April 3.

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