Alison Brie Discussed Her Failed Pilot With Jennifer Lawrence On ‘Late Late Show’

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Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence in the same show? Oh, what could've been.

craig ferguson

Craig Ferguson’s Syndicated Talk Show Isn’t Going To Happen, Robot Sidekick Feared Lost Forever

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Former 'Late Late Show' host Craig Ferguson's new syndicated talk show isn't happening. Will he try to do another show?

craig ferguson

Craig Ferguson Closed Out ‘The Late Late Show’ With Drew Carey And A Tribute To A Classic TV Finale

By | 21 Comments

Craig Ferguson went back to his character on 'The Drew Carey Show' to wrap up his time with 'The Late Late Show.'


Jon Hamm And Craig Ferguson Are Unemployed And Looking For A Mail Route In Alaska

By | 2 Comments

Jon Hamm and his beard seemed ready to commit to northern adventures with Craig Ferguson on 'The Late Late Show' last night.


CBS’s List Of ‘Late Late Show’ Guest Hosts Is 10 Names Long And Doesn’t Include A Single Woman

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Here are the "Late Late Show" guest hosts after Craig Ferguson leaves and James Corden begins.

craig ferguson

Craig Ferguson Has Chosen A Strangely Appropriate Final Guest For His ‘Late Late Show’ Send Off

By | 22 Comments

The last late-night host to step down will join Craig Ferguson as he departs from his late-night show.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson Is Going Out In Style With A Week Of Performances From Metallica

By | 7 Comments

Craig Ferguson will welcome Metallica as his musical guest for an entire week, beginning on November 24.


Here’s Bill Hader Describing A Scrapped SNL ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ Talk Show Sketch

By | 9 Comments

If SNL had run with all the cut sketches Bill Hader shares in interviews no one would ever complain about it.


From The BBC To The ‘Late Late Show': Chronicling James Corden’s Rise To Late Night Talk Show Host

By | 11 Comments

James Corden might be new to American audiences, but the Brits have known about him for over a decade.


Craig Ferguson Has No Idea Who His ‘Late Late Show’ Replacement James Corden Is

By | 7 Comments

The current host of 'The Late Late Show' has not been consulted about his successor.


Where Has Craig Kilborn Been Hiding For The Last Decade?

By | 47 Comments

Sort of a "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?," only this search is for a blonde former late night talk show host.


Julie Klausner’s Angry Twitter Rant About New ‘Late Late Show’ Host James Corden Is Spot On

By | 63 Comments

Comedienne Julie Klausner is not happy that yet another white male has been selected to host the 'Late Late Show.'

#Patrick Stewart

About The Time A Drunk Patrick Stewart Clashed With The New ‘Late Late Show’ Host

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Something tells me Patrick Stewart won't be James Corden's first guest.


Joel McHale Addressed The ‘Late Late Show’ Rumors On ‘Conan’ Last Night

By | 7 Comments

You will be SHOCKED to find out the internet speculation machine got one wrong.


Norm Macdonald’s One Minute ‘Late Late Show’ Audition Is A Frantic Bit Of Magic

By | 14 Comments

Norm Macdonald really wants to host 'The Late Late Show' and he's going to prove it in only one minute.


Norm Macdonald Would Like You To Know Joel McHale Is Your New ‘Late Late Show’ Host

By | 18 Comments

Norm MacDonald either sees the writing on the wall or is trolling the public, but #latelatenormnorm is over.


No Big Deal, Just Joel McHale Hanging Out With The Guy Who Will Select Craig Ferguson’s Replacement

By | 15 Comments

Interesting. What reason could Joel McHale possibly have for hanging out with Les Moonves?

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