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Louis C.K. Provided The Perfect Description Of Fame During His Letterman Appearance

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Louis C.K. Is out to stay at a certain level of fame by any means necessary, including dressing like a slob on 'The Late Show.'


Lena Dunham Confesses To Letterman About Her Unhealthy Love For Gloria Estefan

By | 5 Comments

Lena Dunham stopped by 'The Late Show' to talk 'Girls' and prove that she loves Gloria Estefan more than you.


Stephen Colbert Dressed Up Like A Dandy To Announce His Cameo In ‘The Hobbit’ On ‘Letterman’

By | 3 Comments

Check Out Stephen Colbert's Hobbit announcement on 'Letterman' and marvel at his skills as a master of disguise.


Watch Martha Stewart And David Letterman Prove That Some People Shouldn’t Take Selfies

By | 2 Comments

Martha Stewart was on "The Late Show" where she attempted to take a selfie with Dave. And Jesus wept.

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Josh Hutcherson And David Letterman Explore The Nature Of Jennifer Lawrence

By | 4 Comments

Josh Hutcherson made an appearance on 'The Late Show' to give his take on the wonder that is Jennifer Lawrence.

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Jennifer Lawrence Adorably Describes Sh*tting Her Pants To David Letterman

By | 29 Comments

If it were possible to turn charm and pure energy into a person, Jennifer Lawrence would be that person.


Harrison Ford Told The Best Bad Joke Ever On ‘Letterman’ Last Night

By | 7 Comments

Harrison Ford and the art of bad joke telling on late night television.

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James Franco Tells Letterman He Gets More Compliments On His Roast Than His Movies

By | 2 Comments

Just another example of how self-deprecation is the most direct route to pretty much everyone's heart.

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Robin Williams Once Tried To Buy A Dildo At A Sex Shop As Mrs. Doubtfire

By | 11 Comments

Robin Williams has been promoting his new TV series, The Crazy Ones, and that included stops at both Reddit and The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday.


In Honor Of His 20th Anniversary On TV, Here’s Conan O’Brien’s Very First ‘Late Night’ Monologue

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Twenty years ago today, September 13, 1993, a very young, very nervous Conan O'Brien debuted on "Late Night" Here's his first monologue.

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Alec Baldwin Tells Letterman Why He Can’t Quit Assaulting Paparazzi

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Nobody hates the leering paparazzi as much as Alec Baldwin does, and since his baby daughter has been born he's adopted a whole new policy towards them.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains To Letterman How Seth Rogen’s Weed Inspired ‘Don Jon’

By | 6 Comments

When you're JGL most excellent weed inspires you to write a movie where you play a sex addict dating Scarlett Johannson.

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Bill Murray Channeled His Inner Liberace For His Latest Letterman Appearance

By | 12 Comments

Bill Murray is the greatest. He just proved it once again on Letterman tonight in case you needed reminding.

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Olivia Munn And Letterman Break Down The Viral Video Of Her Busting A*s Off Of A Swing

By | 16 Comments

Letterman's endless fascination with the physics of the swing Olivia Munn fell off of will make your day.

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Please Allow Tina Fey To Hilariously Convince You That Her Daughter Is A Sociopath

By | 13 Comments

It's funny because Tina Fey's daughter is not strong enough to strangle you.

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