The Supreme Court Overturned The Conviction Of A Facebook Troll


It's a lovely day for jerks as the Supreme Court rules in favor of Internet trolling.


Why The Supreme Court Might Decide The Future Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe


The Supreme Court might hold the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its hands. Here's why.

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Kanye Accepts Plea In Paparazzi Assault, Receives Lengthy Probation

Kanye didn’t exactly admit he was guilty, but his legal team knew he wasn’t walking away free and easy.

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The Reese Witherspoon Arrest Video Is Everything You’d Hope It Would Be


As you probably heard, Reese Witherspoon was arrested recently. The video of that arrest has been released, and it is OUTSTANDING.


Your Offensive Drunk Tweets Won’t Land You In Jail In The UK, As Long As You Erase Them When You Sober Up


Drunk Twitter users are unlikely to face criminal prosecution in the UK as long as they delete bad tweets when sober.


Fiona Apple Arrested For Smoking Stuff People Are Forbidden From Smoking In Texas


Fiona Apple was arrested at a border stop in Texas. Time to get cranking on those "Free Fiona" t-shirts while the gettin' is good.

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File Sharing Is No Longer Necessarily Stealing, According to The Government

Most people probably barely noticed when Sergey Aleynikov was arrested for downloading Goldman Sachs' proprietary software and sentenced to eight years in jail.


The Game Is In Trouble With The Law … For A Twitter Prank

Out of all the weak things that a rapper could potentially go to jail for, one of the weakest would have to be using Twitter to mess with the police, but that's just what The Game could be in trouble for.

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Now You Can Be Extradited for Media Piracy?


You know, every time we think piracy lawsuits can't get more ridiculous, whether it's becoming legalized extortion or fining some random woman $2 million for sharing her MP3s, somehow, they manage to get stupider.

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Courts Say It’s Ok For the Government To Blast You With X-Rays

Hey, remember those "backscatter" x-ray machines that can't find a bomb if a terrorist shoves it up his butt and can't find guns if placed a certain way and are considered "safe" -- even though they refuse to let scientists verify the results of the studies proving it -- which makes travelers choose between risking potential exposure to radiation or getting molested by a TSA agent.


Malaysian Man Forced To Issue 100 Twitter Apologies To Media Company He Defamed

It's no secret that predominantly Islamic countries have odd, sometimes medieval ways of dishing out justice, so I found it curious that Malaysia -- a country where Islam is recognized as the official state religion -- is maintaining the odd, while getting a little for forward-thinking in their punishments.

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