This Week’s ‘The Leftovers’ Contained A Moment Of Breathtaking Brutality That Will Not Soon Be Forgotten

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'The Leftovers' managed to hit even sadder notes in this week's episode, punctuated by a scene of barbaric violence.


‘The Leftovers’ Develops Its Villain, And She’s Pure Evil

By | 74 Comments

'The Leftovers' covers the baby Jesus and the anti-Christ, which is either Christine's unborn child or Patti from The Guilty Remnant.


Does ‘The Leftovers’ Theme Song Sound Like ‘Inspector Gadget’s?

By | 24 Comments

A terrible theme song gets the redemption it doesn't deserve from "Inspector Gadget."


‘The Leftovers’ Discussion: The Book Of Job, And Why Some Refuse To Give Damon Lindelof A Fair Shake

By | 90 Comments

The brilliance of last night's episode of 'The Leftovers' was missed on some who refuse to see it because of Damon Lindelof.


Weekend TV Preview: Will HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ Get Better This Week?

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'The Leftovers,' plus the series premiere of 'The Strain' and the second season premiere of 'Masters of Sex.'


Here Are The GIFs From This Week’s ‘The Leftovers’

By | 27 Comments

GIFs from 'The Leftovers' episode "Penguin One, Us Zero"


Frotcast 210: ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’, The Leftovers, and Matt Ufford Makes A Nice Summer Salad

By | 16 Comments

This week's podcast talks The Leftovers, Weekend at Bernie's, Tim Howard and the World Cup with Matt Ufford while he makes himself a nice summer salad.


Why HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ Really Matters, And What It Is Trying To Tell Us About Ourselves

By | 121 Comments

Buckle the f**k in. 'The Leftovers' is going to challenge everything you believe.

penny dreadful

Weekend TV Preview: Bleakness, Depression, And Dread. Also, HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’

By | 37 Comments

'The Leftovers' series premiere on HBO, and the season premiere of 'Penny Dreadful' on Showtime.


What The Critics Are Saying About HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’

By | 65 Comments

Should you watch 'The Leftovers'? Here's a rundown of the mostly positive reviews for HBO series.


How The Maligned ‘Lost’ Finale Completely Transformed Our Perceptions Of Damon Lindelof For the Better

By | 75 Comments

How intense public scrutiny in the wake of 'The Lost' finale brought out the best in Damon Lindelof.


Damon Lindelof Opens Up About ‘The Leftovers,’ Quitting Twitter, And, Yes, The ‘Lost’ Finale

By | 37 Comments

In a new profile in the New York Times, Damon Lindelof discusses all things Lindelof, past and present.


Your Official 2014 UPROXX Guide To Summer TV

By | 67 Comments

All the descriptions and premiere dates for all the summer's best shows, all in one handy place.


The First Full Trailer For Damon Lindelof’s Rapturous HBO Drama ‘The Leftovers’ Looks Outstanding

By | 28 Comments

Watch the first full trailer for Damon Lindelof's thought-provoking HBO series, 'The Leftovers,' starring Justin Theroux.


Okay, seriously, what’s up with all the Rapture scripts?

By | 20 Comments

Volcano, Dante's Peak; Deep Impact, Armageddon; No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits; The Prestige, The Illusionist - that ideas come in twos in Hollywood is nothing new, but seriously, this rapture thing has gotten out of hand.

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