‘The Lonely Island’ Is Coming To The Big Screen In A Judd Apatow Production

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Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer are bringing 'The Lonely Island' to the big screen for a musical comedy feature film.


Andy Samberg’s 10 Greatest ‘SNL’ Moments

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Andy Samberg returns to "SNL" this weekend as a host. Let's celebrate with his finest moments as a cast member.

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The Lonely Island And Tegan And Sara Built A Song For ‘The Lego Movie’

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"Everything Is Awesome" is both a song from Tegan and Sara and the Lonely Island for "The Lego Movie," and an important life lesson.


73 Sports Movies In 73+ Days: ‘Hot Rod’

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This week's sports movie is the 2007 goofball comedy 'Hot Rod,' which starred Andy Samberg as a hopeless, immature daredevil.

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The Lonely Island, The Roots And Jimmy Fallon Performing 'YOLO' Is A Work Of Art

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The Lonely Island are still pretty awesome, in case everyone forgot.

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The Lonely Island – We Need Love


Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer of <a href="">The Lonely Island</a> express their need for real love, not just meaningless sex.


With Leather’s Watch This: Where Was This Spring Break Anthem During Spring Break?


Too little, too late, <a href="" target="_blank">Lonely Island guys</a>.

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Between Two Ferns: James Franco


<a href="">Zach Galifianakis</a> welcomes <a href="">James Franco</a> -- and a very special musical guest.


Kendrick Lamar Performs “Swimming Pools,” “Poetic Justice” On SNL

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Kendrick Lamar's probable bucket list grows shorter by the day.


The Lonely Island: YOLO (SNL Digital Short)


The Lonely Island teams up with Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar on "YOLO" -- a literal, frightful, and hilarious take on the popular motto.

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SNL Celebrates 100th Digital Short

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Saturday Night Live celebrated their run of 100 digital shorts by taking a trip down memory lane accompanied by an all-star cast.


Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, & Jonah Hill in 'Neighborhood Watch'

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After the jump, I've got the trailer for Neighborhood Watch, Fox's summer comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, and Billy Crudup, directed by The Lonely Island's Akiva Shaffer and written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad, Pineapple Express, Green Hornet).

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New Lonely Island: We’ll Kill You


Yup, still love The Lonely Island.

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The Lonely Island Brings Back Michael Bolton For “Jack Sparrow”

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<a href=""> Worlds crash and collide as SNL's latest greatest spawn, <a href="">The Lonely Island</a>, bring Michael Bolton, he of cheesy, '80s ballad fame, back from netherworld and to the club.


Nicki Minaj “Creeps” With The Lonely Island On SNL

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<a href=""> When world premiering the "<a href="">Moment 4 Life</a>" video on MTV, Nicki Minaj told Sway that she "couldn't wait to be on the big screen when it came to movies and television.


The Lonely Island Feat. Akon – “I Just Had Sex” Video

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<a href=""> Dedicated to those who walk around smelling like the lubricant glazed on Trojan® products, the Grammy-Nominated comedic misfits, The Lonely Island, want you to know that they just porked Jessica Alba---and are damn proud of it. That's figuritavely speaking, of course. She's one of the co-stars of their new video, which precedes their next album. Also aptly featured are John McEnroe (because fornication is the only thing that allows him to crack a smile) and crooner Akon (because he's married to half of Sudan). This is good for a carefree laugh but if elementary kids start singing it, we're going to need an intervention, America. For those that just had sex before reading this post, it's already available <a href="">on iTunes</a>.


The Lonely Island – “Boombox” Video

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Through the newest visual from their debut album, Incredibad, <a href="">Andy Samberg</a> and his comedic troop of <a href="">Lonely Islanders</a> show how a single "Boombox" can change the world.


You Got An App For This?

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In conjunction with <a href="">Smule</a>, creator of his iPhone App, <a href="">T-Pain</a> sponsored a contest.



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I always thought MacGruber was kind of a stupid sketch and I can't believe they're making a movie out of it.

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