Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Dr. Seuss’ Cornucopia Of Christian Cinema

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It's Tuesday and therefore it is time to examine this week's new DVDs.


The Lorax brainwashes $70 million worth of Occu-Toddlers for new record

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The Lorax, which the Reverend Lou Dobbs teaches us is part of a plot by Obama's friends in the liberal media to demonize the 1%, sneakily earned a lot of money for the 1% over the weekend, grossing an estimated $70.


Weekend Movie Guide: Oh Cool, A Found Footage Movie

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Opening All Over Your Sister’s Dress: Project X, The Lorax, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, Being Flynn, Let the Bullets Fly [We Need to Talk about Kevin, in San Francisco at least] FilmDrunk Suggests: Vince sort of liked Project X – in case you’re the one person on this planet who didn’t read his review – but since he hates my photoshops, I’m going to suggest Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.


Of *COURSE* The Lorax is a liberal plot to indoctrinate new enviro-fascists

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As America's pre-eminent old man who hates Mexicans, it was Lou Dobbs's job, nay, his duty, to sound the alarm on his Fox Business show recently that movies such as The Secret World of Arriety and Dr.


Every movie trailer from the Super Bowl

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Just like always, the Super Bowl yesterday was the only event of the year when people actually watch, let alone discuss, commercials.



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Lee Keeler of ClassyHands made this 70's grindhouse-style trailer for The Lorax as a school project.

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